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Trusting the Flow


Window View, 8 x 10, SOLD

Window View, 8 x 10, SOLD

In this post I illustrate how I trust the flow and got a fun unexpected result. I love focusing on feeling good and then noticing what shows up.

A flower blooms beside the walk to the front entrance at the property where I live. The little angel grows low to the ground appearing something like a daisy. I have seen it in early spring– very sweet.

In the last few years the path was improved with new big stone laid and gravel in between them. I wondered if all that debris would annihilate the small patch of this plant. 

No, this year up it came– just a few small blossoms. I cheered with joy. What was the name of that plant again? Hmmm I could not clearly recall– something with “wort” in it, I thought.

I kept going– on with my life of many activities (hey I want to write my blog post). Quite honestly, I forgot about it.

I use the library systems avidly, reading bound volumes and listening to audio books.

Recently it was time for me to find a new novel to read. Into my head popped the name of Cynthia Riggs. I’d recently discovered her books and had just finished one. In those mysteries the heroine is age 92, love the light hearted tone. Over to the shelf I went to select one of her work. I scanned the titles and felt drawn to one. Bloodroot.

I pulled it out. The cover depicted a daisy looking flower– Oh My– could that be the name of the dear thing sprouting at home?  When I got home I went to the internet and looked up bloodroot.

Grows low to the ground, comes up in early spring. Wow! The Universe delivered the name of that flower to me on the cover of a library book– one I did not even know I wanted.

Another garden delight:

This year my hellebore came up abundantly. Also called lenten rose, in my garden this flower has been years getting established and in this season I am reaping benefits of that development. It was up before that snow and those days of freezing that followed– it bent over in the inclement weather and then it straightened up. I decided I wanted more of that beautiful, hardy, long blooming flower.

First a new friend living nearby, also a gardener, offered me some of hers. She offered to dig it up after the blooming season. Then big impressive plants of it came into Trader Joes. Last year I passed them up and vowed I would buy one next time around. I did.

Then yesterday my yoga partner talked about her garden and asked our small group if anyone wanted some hellebore she was digging up. I do!

I get joy from nurturing plants and these two accounts amplify my good feeling. I flowed along and got tickled by these surprises.

Take Aways: Feel happy anyway– attend to your mood– relax, appreciate and watch for what shows up on your journey. 🙂

Want to share a story of yours? Please comment. Each of you readers enrich all of the rest of us!

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