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Recently I have been noticing a sense of an empty space, like I am on the verge of a new chapter, not yet unfolded. This post is about how the Universe provided a sweet manifestation as I went along. Like a wave washing up on the sand, filling in an indentation, and ebbing away again– nothing I have to do- Great Ocean of Life has it handled. My part is to feel as good as I can in each moment.

Readers may recall that most days I pull two oracle cards in the morning as part of my quiet and appreciating time.

Turquoise Bog, 24 x 30, $525

Turquoise Bog, 24 x 30, $525

One of the cards predicted that soon I will perceive myself having accomplished an important goal and then be ready to move to the next level. That felt correct and good. I breathed, accepted and went about my day. In about an hour the phone rang. A friend who I have known for thirty years from MA was on the line in distress. I have not spoken to her for a couple of months.

I listened. As there was a pause in her story, I offered soothing thoughts as they came to me– she was facing a friend’s passing.

As the call unfolded a few “coincidences” arose in the conversation:

  1. She wanted to process facing death of her friend. I have been avidly reading on the topic of near death experience.
  1. In fact in the last few days, I had the good fortune to hear Eben Alexander online. Dr Alexander, neuroscientist and brain surgeon, wrote Proof of Heaven and Map of Heaven, two works following afar his very major life changing near death experience.
  1. In the last couple of weeks I pulled the card “There is no death”.
  1. She brought up the Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield. I had just finished reading The Twelfth Insight by the same author, a more recent work.
  1. I had been asking the Universe for more social contact– this call showed up 🙂
  1. I had been telling myself that I was experiencing an “empty” place. And here, this phone connection, filled that void.
  1. Just the day before this call, I had spoken of her athletic prowess to a special lifeguard friend where I swim. A woman in her early 60’s this dear one participates in triathlons and finishes! A wonderful and wondrous accomplishment to me.

As we closed our time we noticed:

She felt better receiving support. Cheered and uplifted, she got connected to a broader view, to the big picture of who she is, to life eternal and goodness flowing.

I felt better offering my perspective. I soothe someone else and parts of me listen and soak it up! I felt connected and of value.

I started momentum to feel better in my quiet time and very soon the Universe provided a chance to feel even better!

It was fun to notice so many synchronicities in the conversation.

Isn’t it great that each of us still lived on this earth plane and relished our relationship!

Readers, do you have examples of  times when she allowed the flow and got fun results? I recommend looking for the help that shows up for you as you reach to lighten your mood. Please comment and share your stories!







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