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Notice the Good Things


What good things have happened for you over the course of your life?

We tend to review tragedies and traumas. True, we all do have our foibles. Why review those?– it doesn’t feel good.

I am making lists in a special notebook of times when things have gone remarkably well for me. Truth be told I dub mine “Miracles List”.

In 1985 I was driving around to look at exhibits of open art studios. At one I spied a piece in the building lobby that inspired me to visit that artist’s space.

Taylor Creek 1, 24 x 30, $525

Taylor Creek 1, 24 x 30, $525

I loved her pieces. There I stood taking in her work when another visitor arrives–

it was a family friend, Carey, ( a generation older) of my best friends’ husband. It turned out she knew the artist. They chatted away.

Later that day I spoke with my best friend on the phone. I said ” Gosh, I’d love to study with that artist.” She said, ” Well let me call Carey– maybe she would ask the artist for you.”

In about a day it was arranged that I would study with  that artist, Lena Marchi. Lena told Carey that she does not normally teach adults but she decided to give me a chance.

I studied privately with Lena for about three years. Those sessions are the foundation of my life as a painter.

I have this item on my Miracle List.

Along with..

The time the delivery man showed up to fix my massage table as I was taking it down and a piece fell off. or

Finding a lovely apartment in a house on a mountain just when I badly needed a place to live or

Shopping for leggings and finding a pair for $3 that fit well.

We can list amazing times and good but less extraordinary events. All of these things that feel great to remember. Want to start creating such a list for yourself?

How about that time you caught the ball…

The great deal on a car or vacation package or a sweater

Wasn’t that fun when________________?

After I passed 150 items I stopped numbering mine 🙂

I review the list when I need a boost or just want to feel even better.

Wow I feel lifted writing this post!

What are some of your entries? Please comment if it feels good!



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