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The Flow That’s Going Well


Near Taylor Creek,  30 x 40, Acrylic, $625

Near Taylor Creek, 30 x 40, Acrylic, $625

I. Lately the days have shone vibrant, beautiful and bright. The temperate autumn sunny skies beam intoxicating. The other day walking at the park, I spied a family near me– mother, father, and two children. The Dad walked on the slope looking down and muttering, “I don’t think I can find them.. I guess I have lost my sunglasses.” Not far away on the level ground the mother and children seemed occupied and playful. I thought to myself that I bet those sunglasses are there, and he can find them. Shall I help him? I felt a warmth and kept walking. In only a few minutes I got to the end of the dike, turned around and walked back near them.

The Dad stood at the base of the slope– his six year old daughter was handing him his sunglasses– with a big grin. “Here they are, Dad” Things flowed well for him– somehow I felt a part of that , part of the Flow of Good.

II. Yesterday was a swim day for me. With some delay I arrived at the pool, found it fairly crowded. Almost immediately a woman got out of a lane and offered it to me. She informed me that in less than 15 minutes the lane would shut down for a class.

As I swam I felt myself tempted to let habitual thoughts run. Sentiments like ” I should have gotten here earlier”, thoughts of failure, worry and self pity.

Instead, I turned my mind to, “Things go well for me. I love to swim. It’s so good for me. Usually a spot shows up for me.”

After ten minutes a lifeguard came by to tell me that I had to vacate the lane. There were three lanes left for free style. I asked for help identifying a lane and he did point to one– against a wall but I still could swim. In less than two minutes a better lane became available. Things had worked out fine.

III.  Welcome day 4 of owning a smartphone. On day one the device did not receive calls ( apparently the voice mail was not set up.) As part of my day I planned to get some assistance with operating my Moto G 3rd generation. First, the staff at ATT got the phone receiving calls ( always a good feature on a phone).  Then I met a friend with one year smartphone experience to teach me a few operations. At one point, sitting side by side, when I spoke a message into my phone, her phone wrote it– I decided now we were like blood sisters– intermingling of phone juices. We laughed so much and had  great time.

Point of this post: Here are three instances of Good coming to me within about 24 hours! There was more…( the guy who let me cut into his line of traffic, the fun conversation in the line at Whole Foods, the lights that stayed green up 29 north)  too much to write out to you. The more I look for the good the more I notice.  I am building a habit of paying attention to what shows up, enjoying it and it seems more and more of it flows to me.

I recommend remarking on what comes to you– it is fun to highlight what goes well.

If you decide to experiment with this or are already on a roll reveling in all the wonderful things coming to you, please send me a report a jpearl@streamofyes.com. I would love to share in that.


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