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Receiving– reposted

Never Alone, Diptych 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Never Alone 2011

Since I originally wrote this piece, I am more attuned to when I feel really good and more ready to trust in that.  I love feeling comfortable receiving the many gifts that flow to me. I love noticing how good it feels to GIVE an offering and have it received with pleasure.  Isn’t it lovely to notice that we need both to have a satisfying cycle– give and take– offering and receiving. Please enjoy!

In the last semester of my senior year at college, I bought an old Saab. This was my first car. It ran on a so called two stroke engine, one where operation required a certain kind of oil to be put into the gas tank. The car cost $75 and had one significant down side: it did not run due to needing a starter. Soon I attracted a man who volunteered to put in a starter for me.

When the job was complete, we both beamed at each other, both feeling joy at this accomplishment: the car ran! I thanked him profusely and still recall when he drove off and how good it felt.

Later I wondered if I was remiss in not giving him some material compensation for the work. I don’t think I offered him money. One acquaintance told me that I should have bought him a bottle of wine or something. Over the years this incident has bugged me: Had I made a mistake in not offering him some kind of payment?

In my current perspective I feel that allowing myself to receive this gift was completely fine. Both he and I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange at the time. Certainly, I did not fail to follow through on some prior agreement with him. He offered to fix this for me. Both of us were happy: it felt good. This is what life flowing looks like.

It feels so good to let myself receive abundance in its myriad forms. I know I am worthy of it. By the laws of the universe if I attracted this gracious gift, I am fine to accept it– I am meant to accept it. I experienced much joy driving around that car– appreciating that dear man very frequently.

What good is a gift if there is no one to receive it? Really the receiving and giving are interwoven whole. I encourage readers to receive what is offered to them. Appreciation is the closest vibration we experience to Source Energy. Accept it and appreciate.

If you want to share a related story or offer comment, please write me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love when you share your life– it is a gift to me :).

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