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Staying Relaxed Has Payoff


Hues of the Blue Ridge, 16 x 20, SOLD

Hues of the Blue Ridge, 16 x 20, SOLD

Over the last fifteen years or so I have been learning about how to remain more relaxed.  Ease and Flow are my bi-words.  Have you noticed how good things happen when you reach for relaxation and ease?   

About seven years ago Melody spied an eight legged hairy creature, a wolf spider, in her apartment near the storage area. At that moment she had bare feet and ran for shoes, returned with a broom and bucket to sweep the thing into a container for a move outdoors. Oops before being caught the spider ran into the basement storage area, out of view.

Melody briefly considered calling over some kind of helper to deal with the “invader”.  That was too much work, and she preferred to chill and forget about it 🙂

During the following week she knew it was there. When she remembered its presence she asserted that All was well. In the decade living in this space  our star had experienced much pleasure and upliftment. On two other occasions she had spotted a wolf spider visiting, she succeeded in removing it one way or another.

On one particular morning Melody due to days of rain she woke knowing she needed to empty the dehumidifier located in the storage area.  To her astonishment there sitting in  the quart size yogurt container used for bailing water was last week’s arachnid. How is that possible? The creature was contained and ready for her to put it outside. Our heroine picked up the container, put it in a bucket, carried it to the door and flung the animal into the garden.

Wow that was easy! Life wrapped up that situation and put a bow on it!

Here’s the take aways:

1.  Stay relaxed and allow assistance to appear!

2.  “Issues” can be so easy to solve! Situations transform themselves with alignment and feeling good.

3.  See a big “scary” spider– nothing’s going wrong.

4. A bit of a drama that makes a great story. 🙂

Want to share examples of “problems” that solved themselves if left alone?  Have you had times when you stayed relaxed and received fun solution? Other questions?  Please comment! It’s easy!


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