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Moving Through What We Don’t Prefer


Rosco with Flowers, 16 x 20, $475

Rosco with Flowers, 16 x 20, $475

 In this blog I have written about Good coming from Contrast, moving through events we don’t prefer. It does take some focus and persistence!

This week Nancy was moving boxes and other materials out of one house to another. 

She did great on the flight of stairs, up and down, up and down.

When the process was nearly complete, she stepped out the door onto the front porch and felt stabbing pain. Oops, her foot had landed at the edge of a thick straw doormat, half on the mat and half off. Her ankle took a serious twist.


Trained in energy healing, she sat and held her ankle for awhile. Mostly for what remained of this transfer project, she sat it out while her friend did most of the hauling out and then into the other dwelling.

In the afternoon the pain spiked, she applied natural remedies repeatedly, used some ice, got an energy healing treatment.

Sensitive to her feelings, Nancy acknowledged her fear–this injury frightened her as well as hurt. She lives alone and wants to be self sufficient.

During the course of the evening the pain would heighten and so did feeling afraid. Alone, she cried for a couple of minutes and felt relief.

Reaching for what she knew, Nancy told herself this would pass. She had friends. She was moving around, albeit in a slow hobble.

Experimenting with different ways to hold her body, she reduced the pain in movement. And after a bit she noticed the fear eased. By bedtime she felt balanced.

As our heroine soothed herself, she did cancel her activities for the next day. But did not make more “emergent” plans than that.

The following morning she woke and she could walk easily. No pain from her foot– she could move erect and normally.

Over the years this persistent woman had learned that “going with the flow” meant taking it easily to recover. From other injuries, she realized that loving herself meant slowing down and not pushing through– at least for a bit. 🙂

Two days later, she had little remnants of her twisted ankle. Certain positions produced a bit of a twinge of sensation.

Wow– isn’t good to notice that she could recover so quickly! One might think pain means something really bad and long lasting is happening– it does not!

After the two days — one where she was injured and one to recover– she felt a re-boot, a kind of refreshment and in awe of how life moves through.

Nancy sees that Good was present the whole time. She felt resilient with the flow.

Do you have stories of situations that seem so urgent yet easily resolve?  Please comment.



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