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Stand By Your Commitments

Rosco Blue II, 24 x 30, $525

Rosco Blue II, 24 x 30, $525

Carey-Lee enjoys pulling two oracle cards each morning. She owns several decks created by Doreen Virtue and has a special system for rotating through the boxes.  Created as tools for uplifting oneself, one can relax knowing the thoughts for the day will be inspiring and constructive. To select the card she divides the deck with her non-dominant hand.

One morning she pulled the card “Stand by Your Commitments”.  The next morning she put the card back in, shuffled and pulled a card– it was the same card again. Third morning, same ritual and pulled Stand by Your Commitments again. This pattern repeated for four days in a row. On the fifth day Carey-Lee pulled a different card, then for three more days putting in, shuffling and again selected Stand by Your Commitments. The statistical probability of this is now way, way off the charts.

Pretty amazing. What does this sign mean? She knew she was getting a signal to keep going with her inner work.  What does the card mean to her? Carey Lee is committed to trusting a power greater than herself. She wants to feel as good as she can, align with Good and allow her  life to flow.  When fear floods her, can she reach for remembering it is:





In less than two weeks after that miraculous card pulling Carey-Lee received notice that her current situation for storing her possessions could not continue, and she would need to find other accommodations for her stuff.  This news brought up feelings of panic and dread in her– emotional experiences from her past.  A new plan for storage represents a mini-move that would take some weeks.

Standing by her commitments– she knew it meant allowing these strong feelings, fear, insecurity, etc, to wash over her while soothing herself with her foundation wisdom. Intellectually she knows Source Energy provides her security not the possessions or arrangements for them.  Breathing and reaching she wants to call  forth a calming from inside not rely on what is observed in the outer world.

After awhile she got on a roll:

I know I can process and release what I experience. I can heal as a feeling comes to the surface. Such a hurt has been affecting my vibration and now I can use the skills I have learned to shift it. I know I am safe in this world.

Important to note: when the feelings were first coming up and rocking her world, she knew she had to let some momentum flow. What does this mean? She could not shift her strong flow of emotions on a dime. She felt irritated as some friends started to say– “Won’t it be good that energy has to move here?”  In those moments just after hearing the news internally she had the impulse to punch those people. ( She didn’t) Taking a minute she told herself it was ok to feel that stuff. It was ok that she felt some shock and need a bit of time to again feel chipper.

As soon as she was able, she started to use what refreshed her spirits. Each day she would get some clarity and energy and apply herself to what needed doing bit by bit. When she felt strong negative emotion rising up. She:

  • Took a rest, distracted herself.
  • Paid closer than usual attention to what she was doing with her thoughts.
  • Sought and received much support.
  • Noticed as inspiring phrases started to pop in her head unbidden.
  • Sat and visualized some helpful, protective and loving inner figures.
  • Asked for inspiration for next steps.

After some time passed, she knew there was advantage for her here in going through this experience, feeling discomfort, allowing it, healing some piece of her past.  She enjoyed seeing that now she had greater strength in living her commitments. She was safe no matter what items she kept or tossed. That felt really good!

The move process went relatively well. Great to note that friends with trucks volunteered to assist her, much went her way.  Many folks received some new treasures, charity shops benefited. Space left behind feels better cleared.  About six weeks out now she reports standing tall and feeling more alive, more able to take life as it comes. Ahhh …..

Do you have stories of your heroism, moving through your fears in whatever circumstances you found yourself?  What worked for you to make that passage? Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com.  Isn’t it exciting how we are changing the world with our thinking!

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