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Acton Bog Scene, 20 x 24, Acrylic on Canvas, $450

Acton Bog Scene, 20 x 24, Acrylic on Canvas, $450

Wow there is pay off for paying attention to what my dear self is doing! In the past I worried quite a bit so.. what can I say.. that habit can still appear. Recently I noticed this lean toward worry and with that brought to my awareness I was able to shift to feeling better by soothing myself. As I took the time to do this, then I got some pay off and had a much better time.

Hilda and I had wanted to get together soon. This weekend I suggested two possible meeting days. As it happened, she had made plans with another person ( a man) and then asked me if I would like to make it a threesome.

I wanted to know if this was a “set up” as one step before a blind date. Actually I got the vibe it was more casual than that– Hilda decided to let two friends meet each other for the fun of it. Speaking with my Inner Self, it was helpful to decide to enjoy each aspect with no expectations– the food, the sunny day, the companionship.

As I was fifteen minutes from leaving my apt for the meeting, Hilda informed me they changed the meeting and eating place. Whoops got an internal blip, a bit off balance. Truth be told, I eat fairly carefully and want to eat food I really like. The first plan had been for Indian buffet.

First I paused to eat a small snack so I would not arrive hungry to the friends who did not know where to eat.  I stay calm better when not very hungry 🙂

Next,  I had to get out the door true, but took the time to soothe myself to figure out the weather and enjoy my preparations. Then on the drive, I ate some bits of protein bar.  All the while also noticing what a beautiful day it was and how now it is to have a chance to socialize.

Arriving I easily found a free parking spot, and made it to the agreed upon destination. While I waited for them to wander back to it, I looked around at possible places to eat. Oh there! I see an Indian place I had forgotten was in that location. Hmmm

Once reunited with them, I mentioned the Indian place. To my delight they easily agreed to check it out. And it even had a buffet going which pleased the lot of us.

Do you see the point? I felt a bit upset with the phone call and took the time to reached for calm. Not that much to it? True, simple thoughts and actions…yet… Wow I steered myself, kept my eye on enjoying and I ended up getting the food I wanted and a pleasant exchange.

Are you starting to notice what you think and do? Do you sometimes catch yourself and steer toward what you do want? Please report in! Send to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Bit by bit, we create a life full of Light!


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