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Let Go of the “How”

Taylor Creek 2, 30 x  40, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

Taylor Creek 2, 30 x 40, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

I don’t’ know about you– when I need a car I picture browsing ads on the internet, contacting dealers or owners for details and  traveling to test drive vehicles. Well, that is not always the way it happens,. You know the leading edge of thinking, the stuff I follow and present, tells us to work our focus to maintain as happy a state as we can, release worry about the “how what I want will happen” and let Sprit show up with something wanted.  Read this story below.. this happened to a friend of mine within the last three weeks….

Claudia, a single mom, supports her lovely daughter attending college.  She has been practicing the principles in these columns for many years. At this time finances for her are tricky. As the story begins, Gretchen, the daughter, readies herself to return to school after winter break. In a dramatic twist of fate, her car dies suddenly, and she finds herself with only two days till start of school where she has assignments for which she needs a working vehicle and with four more months till graduation.

Claudia’s sister has recently divorced. Her ex-husband, Carl,  has agreed to sell the car of their daughter. As it happens, he has just gone to fetch the car and returned to the community where Claudia lives.

Two days to go for Gretchen, and she has no vehicle. Really her mother Claudia cannot afford to get her the car she needs. Claudia stays in touch with feeling balanced– she  knows something can be worked out and remains relatively calm. She recalls that, in  less than a year, Gretchen will be able to access a trust with sufficient funds to finance a car.

Claudia discovers that Carl has just brought back a car to sell, the car of Gretchen’s cousin. Her cousin also had access to her portion of the trust.  Claudia discusses what is unfolding with her sister and she thinks it is all great good fortune.

Claudia and Gretchen drive over to check out the available car. It’s in good shape and they want to buy it. Because the car is being sold by Gretchen’s cousin, the cousin will let Gretchen “buy” the car without handing over any money right now—her pending the access to the trust coming relatively soon. Carl turns over the title to Gretchen all goes smoothly.

In fact, this meeting is the first time Claudia and Carl have been in the same room since her sister’s divorce. Another wonder of the story: this rendezvous turns into an occasion for reconciliation, shedding of tears and hearts to open.

Punchline: within 48 hours Claudia and Gretchen manifest a good quality vehicle, one which Gretchen drives away with no immediate outlay out of funds and no cost to her mom at all.

Isn’t this an amazing story? Do you have a story of manifesting something wanted that you want to share? Please write jpearl@streamofyes.com. Isn’t it fun that Source Energy handles the “how” ?? Yowser!




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