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Self Soothing Post Election

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Mauve Rosco II, 9 x 12, $ 120

I have needed some self soothing after I heard the results of the election. How about you?  Allow me to share some thoughts that are helping me maintain my balance and keep my focus on what uplifts me.

From Anita Moorjani author of  Dying to be Me and What if this is Heaven ,Nov 10, 2016:

“… whoever won or lost this election does not have the power to change your reality. The power is always within you. No one can take that away.”

From a entry on youtube Abraham on 2016 Election.  I find these points very potent, paraphrased here:

It is the best election ever because it shows us our need to find our power to focus. We have an opportunity to discover that the leaders have never been the ones to create our reality. They are irrelevant to what we can do for ourselves– what we do in our NOW.  What comes to us is based on where we focus.

All the bounty of this world continues.

Planets are aligned and rotating in orbit including our dear Earth.

Water flows in its many forms– streams, rivers, oceans and more.

Seeds germinate, grow and make food.

Because of what may seem like a contrasting eventuality, we have incentive to tune up our ability to sort and sift to find what we like. We can relish the diversity that provides this platform. We continue to practice appreciating– perhaps with even more gusto– and including the good things that our new administration does.

It feels good to love someone who is easy to love (i.e. like a leader whose positions we prefer),  but it is a trap. We are headed toward finding happiness independent of the outside world doing just what we want.  We are learning about unconditional living–We love because we choose to love; we respect because we choose to respect. Not responding to what we observe, but creating good feeling on our own initiative.

So to hammer the point we get to practice what we feel– love, appreciation, etc– regardless of the policies of those leading the country.

From Janet, author of this post:

We get to develop our own leadership, to model what we want in this world. We get to look for what we want to appreciate and find it.

Let’s flow our love, respect, appreciation and all manner of positive feeling.

What thoughts are particularly soothing for you this week? Please share and comment! To do this go to browser version at the bottom of the post and then scroll down to find the comment box under the text. I love the world we are creating together!





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