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Rescue feels Wonderful


Aid, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Aid, 16 x 20, $295

Rescue feels wonderful. Stories of rescue bring me a rush of jazzed feeling and reinforce for me how Well Being Abounds.  I need help and there it is. Or someone calls me in distress and in a few minutes they get relief. What a rush! Below read two accounts:

A neighbor offered Gloria just the piece of lumber she needed and she went over to get it. While she was visiting, she noticed that the bin in the barn had been opened. A neighbor’s horse had gotten into this bin of grain.

Gloria, a horsewoman, knew that the amount that was consumed could be deadly for whichever animal had feasted.

Our heroine and her neighbor pondered which horses might have gotten the feed and looked further. Soon they figured out which it was and identified the danger to the animal’s owner. Within minutes the horse was treated for this condition and major damage was averted. Gloria’s impulse to do her pick-up that morning, resulted in saving a mare. She felt great being the agent of rescue.

Another one:

One day a few years ago I was packing up my massage table to load into my car for a workshop. As I was folding it up, a piece came off in my hand.  This was not welcome–I am not someone who easily can repair things. Just as this was happening a delivery man walked up the stairs to my office suite. Delivery men very rarely if ever ascend our stairs in this rural, small office.

The man looked into my office to get information about the party he sought. Seeing me a bit distressed, he inquired if he could be of assistance. In just a few minutes he had fixed the loose part and the table was ready for the car.  The fellow had a package for someone who was not located in this building.  My problem was alleviated before I could even formulate that I had a problem– this man just showed up to assist me.


I love knowing that help can and does show up for me.

I feel fabulous when these incidents happen.

I love hearing the stories of others.

I love reviewing these stories as one way to bask in feeling good.

To me these demonstrate that Well Being abounds.

I like to make lists of such incidents so that it is handy when I don’t remember in the moment.  I keep them in a personal toolkit notebook. 🙂

Do you know some rescue stories from your life– receiving the help or being the one who assists to save the day? Please comment.  Click on  the browser version and then use the bottom comment box to tell your tale.  Sharing your stories spreads our joy!



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