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Finding Things — Re-edited

What you hold in your mind is so powerful! Want to learn some tips to find things temporarily misplaced?

Here’s the trick: If I think of the item as “lost”, then it is alot harder to find. And of course I feel frustrated (as opposed to feeling good).

If I can remain feeling light-hearted, I find what I seek much more readily.

Elements of Home, 30 x 40, $625

Elements of Home, 30 x 40, $625

Sometimes I get a mental picture of where the item sits– go there and there it is.

One time I was looking for a certain brown top, a summer one. I very much wanted to find that top– went though my closet slowly and carefully, looking at each item, thinking “where it is! ( and almost growling”  After awhile I realized I was continuing to think of this piece of attire as “lost”.  I realized I need to take a break, move on to other activities in my life, let it be. I went on with my day.

When I returned to my closet, I went through hangers — don’t recall if I was reaching for something else– and there was the brown top I wanted to wear– right in front of me easily spotted. How I see it– I shifted what I was holding in my mind- I had ceased thinking of it as lost and then it was there. Astonishing how it was right in front of me, in this stance of relaxation and good mood.

Pretty Cool! Now when I want to find something I stay calmer. Say things to myself like it is right there, it turns up easily. I find things more and more easily now.

A few years ago a girlfriend Muriel was visiting her daughter at college when her dog got spooked and ran away in a panic, in a city, near a highway, complicated streets. Though her daughter was distraught, Muriel drew on her ability to draw down calm and protection in her mind. She tuned into a knowing that the dog would be safe and reunited with them.  In a couple of hours, a friend of the daughter phoned. Apparently that friend reviewing Facebook spied an image of a lost dog just posted which looked like her dog– someone wanting to find the owner. They got reconnected to the dog. Muriel knew they would find her, and she knows it was those thoughts that manifested the happy ending.

Take away for readers:

When something is mislaid–

  • Tune into your emotions
  • Soothe yourself
  • Bit by bit ease yourself into knowing you are ok now
  • Distract yourself and let the joy of living bubble up.
  • Focus on an image or activity you love to ponder.
  • Let yourself receive.

Have a wonderful story of retrieving to share? These days I get such pleasure from finding lost things I wonder if I create these scenarios for the boost 🙂

As you try these tips, I want to hear report of how they work for you. Please comment!

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