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Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

Orange Field, 24 x 30, $525

  I love stories of rescue.  I find them inspiring. In fact,  often I find myself weeping as I read and process them, so deeply touched do I feel.

For me it represents proof of the Forces of Good operating around and through us. It helps me trust Source Energy.

No one wants to get into some kind of sticky wicket…  

and the fact that others save us is so poignant to me.

On Goodnewsnetwork.org I have read accounts where a man passing by on a highway sees a car with smoke billowing out from the hood, maybe some flames starting. He pulled over, ran over to the vehicle and pulled the driver to safety– in the process risking his own life.

When interviewed afterwards, the hero told the reporter, “Oh anybody would have done it.”  (I probably would not have done that– perhaps other kinds of rescuing efforts, yes. )

Did you read about the story of the man going to work one morning on the subway– I think NYC.  He had just taken a class in how to rescue from the train tracks.

There on the tracks going in the opposite direction from his own he spied a person who had fallen into the track area.

Our rescuer was equipped to navigate his way over to the individual laying on the rails, competently avoiding the danger of the third rail on both sides. Easily the one in need of help is lifted to the platform– and within one minute a train roars by.

When I read that I thought to myself, isn’t it fantastic that the day he fell into that treacherous area, someone with exactly the skilled needed to save him “happened” to be present and ready to act.

Early in the Hurricane Harvey coverage I heard that 3500 people were rescued in one day.  So impressive!

Point of this blog: the Forces of Good surround and pour down on us. When I focus on tales like these, I find it easier to trust life.  Wouldn’t we all rather fill our minds with this kind of wonder than review various negative predictions and feed our fears?

It is a choice. You can tell for which side I reach. 🙂

Want to send in some of your favorite rescue stories? I adore reading them.  Stoke my oven of upliftment!

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