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Practice Ease

Rosco Stream, 24 x 30, Acrylic

Rosco Stream, 24 x 30, Acrylic

In this last couple of weeks, I have been doing at least three pages of appreciations in the morning. At night I do a shorter list- why? Because at night I am used to listing what went well and it is easier to let flow what is right there.

There is a man locally who has been my total hero in offering me technology support. Before I moved to VA, I worked in government and had access to a Tech Support Unit. Here and on my own with computers for the first time I greatly needed help. Wow he has been wonderful over these many years. Last week I drove by his house and saw a sign posted in his front yard: “Just listed: For Sale”. ” Oh wow,” I said to myself, “he is making a change.” I wanted to ask him about it but I felt some resistance too– oh my did this mean I was on my own?– I put it off.  Two days later I was going into a meeting at the local library and in he walked, books in hand. I have a chance to find out his news — leaving the area, starting an exciting new chapter. It was so easy. I put it off and the Universe lined up this unlikely “chance” encounter.

This morning I got an email from a client that had not scheduled for a few weeks. I had been thinking about her and let it go. My wish came true with no effort on my part. Easy!

It has been an enjoyable journey for me to allow myself to choose what is the easiest path.  I recall a time when I was packing up my house to move. At the time I felt very stressed out with so many considerations. Then an adviser who followed Abe ( I had not begun using it then) said to make choices based on what was easiest. That was a shock What a concept! I am advocating that to you, Dear Readers, now.

In writing morning appreciations sometimes my flow of thoughts morphs into listing positive feeling words– inspiration, clarity, light, happy, EASE. For me Ease feels really good. How about for you?

Here is what I make of this:  practice feeling good and things will flow.  Ok to postpone tasks where you feel some resistance and instead go with what sounds like fun and feels easy.

Dear Readers, I recommend playing around with this and see what happens. Tell me about it– if it is easy to do so. jpearl@streamofyes.com. As Abe says “Be easy about all this.”

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