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Expect the Good

Reddish Rosco, 30 x 40

Reddish Rosco, 30 x 40, Acrylic on Canvas

Last year Henry and Sheila dated for a month or so. Henry had wanted Sheila to attend events near his home and in his mind Sheila had not traveled to his part of the state as readily as he would have liked to make that possible.  A year later the two worked together on a project, got talking and decided to do some things together. The year before Henry had particularly wanted to show Sheila two destinations, ones with some travel distance between them. They agreed they would go see those together now.

Henry recommended they do both sites in the same day. Back and forth they emailed, checking schedules and suggesting days and times. Further and further out went the suggested date day, until it became almost a month away. This gave Sheil pause: she wanted to follow the impulse to play together sooner than that.

In her next communication she asked “Do you have your heart set on seeing both in one day?” He confessed he worried she would not come twice. “Last year you seemed reluctant to travel to this area”.  He admitted that last year he had felt frustrated at not having a chance to show her these things. He wanted to make sure together they saw both so that is why he put out doing both at once. He recognized he had been holding an emotion from the past and let it go. Now he said, “Sure I am fine to do them one at a time.”

Don’t we do that a lot? Something that we didn’t like happened in the past– we have an  emotional reaction ( frustration, upset, discouragement, hurt, anger, etc), a feeling we do not prefer,  and  we make assumptions- in the effort to keep that from happening again.

What happens inside us? For me I know I make an effort to protect myself from that feeling again,( of course a form of fear). Here is the deal: by holding onto that feeling, in remembering it without awareness of what I am doing, I expect it again so I create it again. Wow.  I am afraid it will happen again — I am in the vibration of what I do not want– I predict it again– then I create it again. And then I think I am right! Oh my. Such a common phenomenon that we have all experienced!

Ok let’s use the Abraham Hicks teachings and what we have learned about creating what we want.

Would not it be great to schedule this event and expect to enjoy it?

If I were Henry I might say–

I want to relax and enjoy the time with Sheila. I love the places to which I am guiding her. I tune into the ease and flow of the moments when I am with her. I notice she has changed and is more relaxed and happy. I have changed. I appreciate being present to a greater degree than last year.

If I am Sheila-

I ask Henry directly if we can schedule on one day and make it flow more easily. I am open to traveling. I feel more relaxed in my life and I expect to enjoy the time together. It is easy to go twice because I have fun both times!

Let’s bring our predictions up to the light of day. What do I expect? Wouldn’t I prefer to expect to have a good time? To have things go well? It is easier to release fears when I practice feeling good and have lots of experience feeling good. 🙂 Bit by bit I shift my expectations.

I use the basics: lifting each moment, reaching for better feeling– often by feeling grateful and appreciating so much around me including myself! (my favorite!)

Hasn’t the weather been gorgeous lately? Ideal temperatures, clear skies. Isn’t it great when it rains for the gardens?

I  am noticing that I have more and more mastery over my own enjoyment. Thereby I am less dependent on other for my good times.

At first Henry expected Sheila to resist traveling twice to his area. It was what he feared based on a year ago. Instead he let out a breath, realized this was a different situation, appreciated now and expected to enjoy their time together.

Dear Readers, would you like to have more fun?  Please notice what you expect and use that as a means to steer your thoughts toward what you prefer. Trust yourself to have fun!

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