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Rosco Pasture II, 16 x 20, Acrylic

Rosco Pasture II, 16 x 20, Acrylic

Inputs abound in this wonderful world! Planet Earth 2015 so much happening– we all have the advantage of so many forms of communication and connection. Wowser! So much for our consciousness to process. Tuning into my feelings today, I realized I was feeling  overwhelmed and beginning to dip into a lower mood. What are my options here?

For starters, I want to make where I am ok. I sat quietly and told myself I was completely fine where I was.  A Dear Person in the flow of a vibrant life. Sifting and sorting.

Then I let myself list people and events that lift my spirits. Isn’t it great that I have so many  that I easily call up? Good to notice that the list spans time and space. Calling up the vibration of some dear beloved who has passed years ago continues to feel good to me. Aren’t memories great that way? Some people know thinking of their grandchildren delights them… the world is your oyster!

Conjuring events and people that shined in my experience last week or a few years ago or in childhood ( awhile ago for me)– all of it is fair game.

Honestly, this morning I sat and made a list. Here are some samples–

  • One client I saw this past week loved her time in my office. Noting both the energetic hands on treatment and the uplifting discussion we shared, she showered me with gratitude and left much happier than when she arrived.
  • A woman who came up to me after an event and wanted me to know that words I had spoken to her years ago worked so well for her. She remains appreciative.
  • Recently, a good friend called me in distress about family situation with her aging father. I advised her to accept alot of what is going on without feeling a need to fix it. Notice how well it is going and how great it is to have him live this long. He is in his own home, pain free and much is going well. She felt so soothed and grateful for the chat.
  • Some folk who became blog readers after meeting me. Thanks for your readership! Feels great to know you are reading!
  • Recalling a guiding light person who had a tremendous influence on me– passed over many years ago but her light still shines through me.

For some readers, including places you love might feel great. For me–thinking of standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon– in the company of others from many nations, all of us  in awe and spellbound, expands my breathing. Ahhhh

Others might want to call up some stories that inspire them. Here’s one of mine from the last few weeks, read on goodnewsnetwork.org. :

An African American man 83 years old offers landscaping services to many clients in his area. As the story unfolds, the truck he uses to deliver these services gave out. One client couple wanted to help him with the new truck. They asked around to a few neighbors too, and then put up a gofundme page. They shot for $4000. They got $13,000.  In the photo of the story our hero is sitting in his new truck. He is quoted: I feel like a millionaire! I love this– strong feelings such as these don’t require the literal figure with six zeros.

Use elements of your life, use qualities of others you admire. Create lists of what lights your bulb! This morning starting with features of my own life worked best to get me going reaching for better feeling.  After a half hour or so I started to remember other inspiring stories that spike my jive! Notice what works for you. Having these thoughts handy makes sense– when you are caught up, it is harder to remember them. Especially great when you feel inspired to call up this stuff. YAY! So many good memories of people and events.

Want to do some now? If you want to share some of your list, please submit to jpearl@streamofyes.com.  Listening to someone else’s lists works to raise my spirits too. Good to know :).









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