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Sea Green Glory 2010

When I first was ill with lyme disease, I felt very frightened. Many people around me including the physician who treated me and my friends, were afraid for me. I perceived the situation: I needed to focus off the fear to use the advice offered by Abraham and Ernest Holmes. How to live into calm courage?

In this circumstance I wrote the following words at a time when I really needed them, at a time when I needed to call for my own healing.

I offer them to you. If using this piece brings you positive results for yourself or others or if you really love them, I would love to hear about it. Please contact me at jpearl@streamofyes.com.

Forces of Good

That Create the Divine Design of Planetary Orbit Paths

That Maintain them in their individual orbits around the Sun

That Infuse Life into every leaf of every tree

That Create Every Creature that Walks this Earth

That Covers  all surfaces like fresh snow fall

Infiltrates throughout like the network of blood veins

like oxygen to cells

only every where-body and environment

and on invisible levels where we “see” nothing

These Forces of Good vibrate through me

They course through my veins

I tune to that frequency now

The Vibration of Good

I am the Vibration of Good

For all Time in all Space

Now I vibrate Good.


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