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Law of Attraction: Reflecting on Ernest Holmes

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Closer to Eden 2010

I first came to Ernest Holmes because Julia Cameron quoted him on the top of one page of her daily affirmations. I felt drawn to the name and looked him up. Since then for years now I  have used Ernest Holmes extensively as a source of inspiration– I find his words interesting, stimulating and extremely comforting.  Below is an excerpt that I found today that captures an essence of law of attraction.

“Place a mirror in front of you, hold before it what ;you call a small object, such as a pencil, and you will see that the reflection is neither larger not smaller than its image. Now remove the pencil and place a book in front of the mirror. Instantly the mirror reflect the larger object. Suppose you had a mirror large enough for you to place a mountain in front of it. Would the mirror as  easily reflect the image of the mountain? It would not be hard. It would not be easy. It would not be large or small. I would merely be  reflection.

Life is a mirror reflecting your images of thought. If you see confusion in this mirror, don’t blame the law of reflection, don’t even bother to blame yourself, but be willing to acknowledge that this confusion must be a reflection of your own consciousness. “[1]

He goes on to say that we may have reason due to past experiences, our environment, etc why confusion is in our consciousness.  Life will reflect where are consciousness is right now.  He says we need not be discouraged because we always have the power to change our thinking, to find clarity.

The inner work on which we embark is to embody qualities we want to experience in the world, from others– we want joy, we must feel joy; we want acceptance and compassion, we must feel that way.

I recommend reading this blog to acquire more ideas, tools and experiences toward empowering yourself. If you want some immediate assistance, please contact me at jpearl@streamof yes.com. I offer phone consultation to assist your thought processes and your vibration to feel a bit better and to move toward your dreams.

[1] Holmes, Ernest, This Thing Called You, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1997, copyright 1948, p.69

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