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Jin Shin Jyutsu Stories of Success

KonjiFor Four Monday evenings in September, I will be teaching a class in Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help in Crozet. For details please see the listing under Upcoming Events. http://streamofyes.com/janet-pearlman-upcoming-events/.  Over the weeks until the class begins, I will feature some articles about Jin Shin Jyutsu to familiarize my readers with its application and power to facilitate self healing. In Jin Shin Jyutsu we are taught that the practitioner serves as jumper cables between the client and Source Energy– the practitioner does not “heal” the person or “fix them”.  Mary Burmeister, the founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu, applied the metaphor that those applying are hands are jumper cables between the client and the Creator. In Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help we connect to the awesome power of Source Energy to restore us to wholeness.

Here I will include a staccato list, brief accounts, of recovery that some clients in my practice have experienced. This article is a repost, has been available on the blog but was never sent out to subscribers. Enjoy!

Jin Shin Jyutsu can assist anything!  Using the hands with the awareness of Jin Shin Jyutsu brings amazing results over and over again. The following recounts some stories of the success of  Jin Shin Jyutsu application of hands from my practice. Please make note of the client’s relief and the range of conditions that were alleviated.

The woman who had a knee pain: In the ladies room at my job, a government agency, I placed my hand on a spot on her back.  Amazingly, it less than a minute she felt a tingling running through her like an electricity, and then her knee pain vanished.

A woman had fallen on the ice backwards and had a terrible headache. No over the counter pain relief remedies had worked for her all weekend. She spent 10 minutes with me applying my hands to certain spots on her ankles for JSJ pain relief. She was out of pain! She was impressed.

The woman at work who felt a migraine coming on: I stopped by her cube and learned how she felt. I stopped and took about 15 minutes and applied hands on her head and neck to help relieve a headache. She did not get the migraine at all—she was very impressed!

Relief of back pain: A woman in back pain got relief during the one hour session and, and it stayed away.

The woman with chronic acne: She learned to apply her own hands—palming her calves with arms crossed. She did this each evening as she watched the news. After a relatively short period of time (couple of weeks), the condition turned around and she got rid of chronic acne to her delight!

Help with Sleep: Woman repeatedly sleeps much better after her Jin Shin Jyutsu session along with feeling much less worried, relief from stuffed nose or sinus drainage.

Relief from Pain post surgery, especially pain . After one session this woman learned JSJ pain relief and proceeded to assist her friend to get out of pain. They both came to study Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help after that.

A woman sought treatment for a lump behind her left eye. She got sessions either each week or bimonthly for over a year. She also had curvature of the spine. When she went to her eye doctor appointment the mass was dramatically smaller. She walked more easily too.


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