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Perennials Poking Up

daisy wortDo you garden? I do. This week I created some upset as I processed some experiences that I did not prefer. I sat with myself writing in one column what I was thinking and in the other column recording how I’d soothe the upset thoughts. ( I find it easier to “coach” myself when I put pen to paper.) I wrote for a  bit and felt somewhat better.

Somewhat later I stepped outside into a temperate spring day to view my garden. As I bent to gather last year’s leaves, I saw the perennials poking up. I adore seeing  plants coming back from last year. I’ve gardened about 25 years and still each spring gazing at shoots popping through soil thrills and delighted me. Gardening like this for 30 minutes lifted my mood more much than doing my column work did. So glad I dove into experiencing something I love. My spirits soared.

I do recommend paying attention to what we think, especially when we notice we do not feel good.  Can we change what we are thinking toward what we would rather think?  That said, it is so effective to go toward doing something that we love to do. Focus on what we relish. Dive into some activity that floats our boat. Go for that when we need it.

Do you have a story to share where your mood improved doing something you love? Please share it with me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love to hear from you.





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