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Perception: Another Angle on Appreciation


Wow it is so powerful to notice how we perceive our flow of life! Do we appreciate what we can from the flow of interactions, events, sense stimulation? Here are two stories from my life this week that are fun to share.

Yesterday I was trying to get out of the house. I teach yoga on Wed mornings, and do some food shopping beforehand. Since I had much booked after the class, too, I needed some lunch with me,too.

Dame Rocket Spring, 9 x 12, Acrylic, $120

Dame Rocket Spring, 9 x 12, Acrylic, $120

I rushed around– breakfast, vitamins, lunch and more. At one point I had leftover breakfast shake that I wanted to put into a jar to tote along. I prefer this certain jar for that. Where is it? I scanned– the counter, the drainer, the shelves. Rushing. No jar.

Then I took a minute, spoke to myself , “Well its probably right here.” I looked again and it was indeed in front of me in the dish drainer.

It struck me how the scurrying blinded me and it had appeared I was kept from what I wanted.

It was there all along.

I was inspired me to ask myself: what else is already there…


In the past half year a number of venues have offered me the opportunity to show my paintings. Bless me, I had the opening reception for the last show in a series last Friday.

You may ask “Was it a successful opening?” What was my attitude toward the event?

For me it is a blast to be with people who are gazing on my art.  My pieces are about putting forth an uplifting vibration and one can see the effect on others if I look. Have you noticed that it feels good to be with others who feel good? Dah!

I sent out the electronic ad, posted on Facebook to spread the word about this event. I noticed few people were letting me know they plan to attend.

I tell myself– “That’s ok.”  My attitude is that I will enjoy myself whatever.  As it happened, the arts intern who coordinates displays for this venue offered to invite some folks from her world at the university. There were a few students who had not left for spring break, she assured me.

The evening arrived. One person who knew me came early on. Following that a group of four arrived who apparently knew the coordinator. Soon I chatted with one of them, introduced as the student’s favorite professor of art history. This woman spent a good bit of time with me going around to many of the pieces, discussing them. Sounding like she writes articles for ARt in America the teacher talked about my work like this: “The paintings breathes;” ” This pasture in this painting feels like the surface of a human body;” ” I can sense your strokes.”

Her remarks were positive and interesting, underscoring the originality, authenticity, vibrancy and skill of my creations. WOW

I had the thought “But not many people I knew attended the opening.” I see this thought is like the rushing around.

In my mind I thought I knew what I wanted to happen. The Universe sent something better than I was imagining. Pause and realize this:  A  woman with prominence in the world of art curators loves my work!  And, I could easily spend the time to hear this enthralling review — not distracted by a crowded opening.

I am so glad I noticed on what I wanted to focus and appreciate it!

Readers, there is so much more pleasure to be had in life when we are open to what HAS shown up for us. I appreciate what flows to me. I had moments of “eye on wrong ball” and then shifted. So much happier basking in this amazing rendezvous with this distinguished professor of modern art.

Additional benefit: I feel a spike of joy as I recount this event in this post. Please the good stuff happening for you and talk about it– to others and to yourself.

Would you like to tell such a story to me? Please use the browser version and comment.

It raises us all to talk about our successes!




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