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Ease in Movement– Revisited



I am offering this piece largely a revision of one posted in 2013.  We all enjoy more ease of movement!

A friend spoke with me about some symptoms she is having: headaches, pains in hips. For her exercise for a few months now she’s been power-walking up a mountain near her home. When she walks, she wants to “get exercise” and “go for it”. When she mentioned how she is suffering, I recommended she shift her focus as she climbs.

How about this: 

Grace Heart Moves, Diptych 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Grace Heart Moves, Diptych 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Slow Down

Sense into the Movement

Notice the transfer of weight from one leg and foot to the other

Note differences between right side and then the left.

Bring curiosity to how your arms are moving

Take rests

Enjoy the scenery with all the senses: the sounds, the smells, seeing…

Find the pleasure of moving

Every cell of your body responds to your thoughts, your attitudes. If I am getting my exercise in because I have to, if I am pushing myself, if I am rushing or driving myself, that shapes the experience down to the cellular level. For those who might have bodily conditions that he or she wish to change, I recommend considering paying more attention and taking it easier.

A few years ago I was experiencing some conditions in my legs that I preferred to alter. Bless me I attracted an introduction to the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. Through Feldenkrais lessons in group and individual sessions I have been learning how to pay more careful attention, how to slow way down.

I am seeing the power of small movements, some very small indeed, to release held tensions and how, as one example, release of the pelvis frees the shoulders. Parts of our body can be so related to one another. I am rediscovering how to move one separate from the other.

Experience is showing me how using these techniques for a few minutes brings impressive relief and how a one hour class promotes tremendous improvement in ease and relief.

Even without pursuing classes in this specific technique, a person can help his or herself dramatically by playing with the suggestions I list above. I recommend a slower pace with a curious attitude. Please have more fun and take it easier. I know you will love the pay off.

What are you reactions? Love to hear a report if you begin to experiment. Please comment.



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