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Moments of Grace: We Mean Much to Each Other


Connected, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $625

Connected, 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $625

Human connections mean so much!  I love walking through life knowing that as I radiate good feeling and smile the ripple effect has power! Please read these illustrations:

1.Caroline Myss, a dynamic ground breaker in the field of personal growth for decades, tells this story. 

In an urban area, a man felt distraught and unable to cope. He walked the streets debating in his mind whether to end his life with razor blades or pills.

Agitated, he was reviewing his options obsessively as he came to a street corner. The cars were stopped waiting for the light. He halted, watched the traffic.

There in her car this motorist looked directly into his eyes and offered him a big smile.

Myss tells listeners that this man wrote to report how that moment changed his life. As though awaking from a dream, that gaze helped the man realize he wanted to live. Loving that story,   Caroline framed that as a moment of Grace and wants to drive home this: We mean so much to each other. A smile can and does save someone’s life. We matter to each other and every day as we walk our path, we influence and help one another. Let’s wake up to that.

2.  In the entrance to a Whole Foods Market,  a shopper received a call that her beloved father has passed away. Shocked, she starts screaming– overcome with grief she ends up on the floor of the entrance. Several strangers got down on the ground with her and held her hands. They stayed with her not only until she calmed but until one of her loved ones came to assist her. (from good newsnetwork.org)

This woman credited these “guardian angels” with “saving” her. She feels a profound and lasting gratitude for what love she can receive when she really needs it.

3. A female acquaintance told me she is deeply moved by the feeling quality that radiates from the paintings I create. She loves my art. Boy, that unexpected appreciation felt great!

4. In an Asian country in a busy city– a man was captured on a phone camera carrying a very elderly woman across the crowded street filled with traffic. ( from good news network)

5. Though I had already been to Whole Foods once that day, I felt an impulse to return for one more item.   I felt drawn to the woman staffing a special display to report on past good service.

Soon we found ourselves discussing an agency whose mission is to provide counseling to low income women. The two of us were brainstorming on this make up artist’s dream– to offer a make up workshop to poorer women who could use the skills for job searches, complete with samples for them to take home.  What a juicy conversation! Who knows what seed was planted that day! I returned to the store to pick up apples!

6. One day Carmella missed an appointment and felt an unhappy flash.  She reached for uplift. Though the friend rarely looks at her phone during the day,  Carmella reached her supporter driving from one job to another. Having heard the “trouble,”, in a quick two minutes that ally zeroed in to provide words that were helpful for shifting Carmella’s perspective and providing some relief. Gosh, we matter so much to one another!

Well Being Pours Down, Around and Through!  These stories shine light into dark places.– and we have the power to keep them going! We can notice how it is happening to us through us to others, through others all the time. Isn’t that cool?

Want to comment with a story of yours? Please do!

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