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We can discover more and more ways to make life more fun. Don’t we all value help with the habit of judging ourselves? We eagerly see ourselves doing this less frequently and less harshly. If you have been judging yourself, wow is it ever more fun to learn an alternative!  This author can attest to this!

Here’s is one angle: what if we throw out the formulation of “failure” and reframe as “part of the journey” or “the process of becoming”? Wouldn’t it be easier to weather times of difficult passage from this viewpoint? What if we immediately made it ok to wherever we are in the unfolding of a fabulous rich life?

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Marietta was inspired in her late twenties by a metaphor used by one spiritual teacher. That instructor observed a baby learning to walk. The baby got up to his feet, made some steps and then fell down. Baby still smiling, still happy pulled itself up again and proceeded to move those legs and feet some more. There was being down on the rug and then up to try out those legs, taking steps.

Watching, a viewer easily perceives this as the process by which the child learns to walk.

That spiritual guide made the point for us to take on that perspective for the things we head toward in life.

Sound simplistic? Marietta sat with this book in hand dumbstruck. Wow immediately she perceived how much better that would feel than frequently assessing progress toward a goal. The act of asking the question “Am I there yet?” has some tension loaded in. And those of us with less confidence might worry what we have done, where we are, is not enough.  Wherever we are, many conjure, “It should be more,”  a thought with angst.

“I have embarked on a rich journey and I am enjoying the steps, the twists and turns. I feel delight in moving toward something I want.” Marietta began to play with ways to speak to herself in light of this new take.

She was ruminating and enjoying this metaphor. Being aware of how law of attraction works, when we think about something the Universe gives us more of it.

 In viewing one episode of the old series “Highway to Heaven” Marietta heard one of the characters say, “Actually whether or not we ‘succeed’ is not the point. We formulate something we want and we take affirmative steps toward it. Let life unfold and trust the divine assistance that flows. Life is the vibrancy of the journey.” Or something to that effect 😊.

M found it very cool fact that a passage in this episode reflected back to her just what she had been thinking.  She got to see how she had attracted this resonance and validation!. Of the many choices of episodes Marietta picked one with this message. Good flows to her easily. 😊

We may want to allow ourselves more ease as we reach for our dreams. Can we see ourselves as a young one developing naturally to the next stage? Let’s know we are embarked on a journey and reach for relishing steps on the path.

Do you have stories to share that relate to this account? Or a comment of enthusiasm to share? Please comment!

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