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Focusing on Internal State


Midway/Wyant with Red, 16 x 20, $495

Midway/Wyant with Red, 16 x 20, $495

We can accomplish much by changing the way we focus inside ourselves.  Below please read about how the woman in the story reached beyond what she did not like, relaxed and turned attention to what she wanted.  

Eloise works in a cooperative office space, renting one of the units in the suite. To her delight it has lots of empty walls for the beautiful art she creates. Her office mates enjoy the light and beauty that emanate from her work as they walk  the corridors.

With passing time tenants move out and others join the group. This year one of the new members bought furnishings for the entry– couch, chairs and decorative pillows.

One day Eloise entered the space to see new decor,a new couch placed under one of her big paintings, accented with throw pillows that clashed badly with her art. She felt a moment of horror. What to do?

Instead of reacting with words or actions, our heroine immediately she realized that she wanted to relax with this situation.

E had some vibes of annoyance at first. At one point one of her dates picked up on it and in a gallant gesture offered to abscond with the pillows–maybe under cloak of darkness. She smiled at the idea, and then she nixed it.

She received guidance to let them be…

Instead of acting she adjusted herself internally to the look of the entry. Was this scene worth feeling poorly about? You know her answer.

Why would we want to let some minor blip put a buzz in all kinds of good things flowing to us? She put her focus on other good things flowing in her life– so much going well– her flower garden, her lively chats with friends, her art, etc.

Soon the scene became less annoying. Internally she told herself: iIn a few months she planned to hang a new art show there anyway. Some possible pieces would harmonize with the jarring items.

About three months later by which time she hardly thought about this at all she opened the door to the suite to gaze upon… decorative pillows that beautifully matched her painting. The clashing squares had been replaced without her saying a word about them!!

Wow, Source handled that! YAY! Let’s push that button from Staples “Easy”.

Do you have examples of times when you let something go, shifted inside and got result? Please comment and let me know. Don’t you love it when you receive assistance like that!!

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