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Getting Happier Matches Desires


It is great to get what we want.  I am putting forth that by getting happier we bring in what we want — fun pay off too– we are living a happier lives! Everything we want is so that we can feel happier once we get it. I am so much enjoying being happier more and more of the time.

In this post I am recounting a tale of someone who felt called to follow the teachings — learn to feel happier. She applied herself for several twelve month periods. Here is what she did:

attended my groups and classes,

listened to recordings,

participated in related groups,

paid attention to what she was feeling moment by moment and

reached for soothing her unhappy thoughts.

Woman with Dream, 10 x 10,  with Texture, SOLD

Woman with Dream, 10 x 10, with Texture, SOLD

 Now she is manifesting some outcomes that seemed only remotely possible when she started. Key to this post: she has been living a much happier life even before the events described below unfolded.

Marissa works as a biologist on a research project.  She has felt frustrated and depressed by the attitudes and actions of her immediate supervisor. He would dictate the rules and the assignments, stifle independence in projects and expression of creativity.  After a time she realized he was actually bullying his direct reports.

About four years ago she found the Abraham Hicks teachings and met me. Diving in she began paying attention to how she felt. Bit by bit she learned how to uplift her mood and control her interior environment. By the time I met her she was expressing her creative abilities in beautiful crafts– several different kinds and was vending those wares at community markets.

She gained recognition and respect. The more she put forth her merchandise, the more she found customers. Word of mouth kicked in and her sales kept increasing.

At her job she contributed as best she could and enjoyed her coworkers. In the wider environment of her organization, her crafts became known and were purchased by many.

Importantly, her feelings about her own value increased (in increments) as she focused on feeling better. She made many more friends, she dramatically increased her customer base, she became more respected.

By increasing her own self regard,  she gained power to master her reactions to statements her supervisor would make. Her view of herself was not based on what this man’s opinions were.  His controlling manner and unkind comments may have registered as unpleasant but she reacted with far less negative emotion.

Yes during this period she reported her supervisor, she hunted for other employment and took other inspired actions. She felt more and more in charge of her own fate.

During the month of March she and I met for tea. Marissa was experiencing a bubbling up of impatience and upset at her situation. “Shall I sue him?” she asked.  I discouraged taking an action that is a form of resisting the flow of life.  I reminded her how far she had come and how much power she now had to create a happy life for herself.

In the last couple of weeks her employment situation popped. A meeting was called by her boss’s boss and then the three parties talked together. During that exchange her supervisor started badgering our heroine right in front of his boss. In a matter of days, it was announced her boss not only had resigned but had his last day and was gone.

She has been given a promotion, more money and interesting work. There is a sense that an even better position is being developed for her. Throughout this upheaval the “higher ups” have recognized her and treated her with respect as a valued employee.

Take Away:

Marissa practiced a new vibration to feel happier.

The supervisor became a reason for her to do much feeling for a better feeling thought over years.

She built new neural pathways and gained new levels of inner mastery of her mood.

Marissa’s changes were evident in more self confidence, more fun in her life,  more friends.

She was much happier and then her employment situation shifted.

Do you have questions about this process? Want to report your own story of becoming a happier person? Please comment! Go to the browser version of this piece and scroll down to comment section.  Thanks for reading this post!

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