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Flowering with Bud, 15 x 18, Watercolor on wet paperI discovered the following quote in the first blog entry, created early in 2011. When I reread it recently, I basked in its beauty and its power to move me. I republish it for the subscribers who may not have read it … recently :).

“I know that the Spirit, which is Life, is present everywhere. Like the air I breathe, It presses against me, on the mountaintop, in the valley, in the desert, and on the ocean: It is ever-present. There is peace at the center of my being , a peace that can be felt throughout the day and in the cool of the evening. I dwell on the unity that underlies everything…. I focus my inward vision of this indwelling Harmony, knowing that as I contemplate Its perfection I will see It manifest in everything I do.” (Ernest Holmes, 365 Reader, p. 315)

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