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Good Vibe  Pastel, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $525

Good Vibe Pastel, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $525

Have you ever lost your inner balance in the holiday season? Duh. Many of us have and I am among the group for sure. What are some ways to maximize the fun of the season?

On my path I have been one who thinks of many things to buy and do for others. Some years when I set about doing them, I really wear myself out.

1. Now, I do what I really love doing.

Some people love the choral presentations. I like looking at crafts. I like giving samples of my art.

2. I buy gifts that I really enjoy buying.

This year I had a certain person that I wanted to select something for. I woke one morning and the name of a book was in my mind. I had owned it years ago. I could not find my copy to review. Know what? I sent this book based on this guidance coming. That was fun.

There is a potter whose work I love. I buy several pieces at once and then have them on hand for holidays.  I love giving those beautiful pieces as gifts. Over the years friends of mine are acquiring collections of her work :).

3. When there is a decision to make, I am doing what is easiest.

What a concept! This is a very powerful bit of advice. Can be really helpful for keeping ourselves in balance.

When bringing food for holiday events, I make what I love to make — even if I made it before. I make what is easy for me.

Sometimes I offer money as a gift. Some people wrap up gift cards. I favor this for the ease of it — it continues to honor the other person.

 4. Focus on the connection between people.

A number of years ago one of my brothers who has lived in Asia most of his life, sent me a piece of stained glass. It arrived broken. When we talked about it I told him the gift was a success for sure– I got the love he meant to sent.  It is good to remember it is all about communicating our care and affection for one another.

 5. Appreciate all you can.

Wow even I am astonished at how helpful is this technique. Yesterday was a beautiful day for shopping. Relish the parking spots in a crowded lot on a busy shopping day!

Enjoy the lights. Notice all the colorful displays the amazing abundance available to us.

Stand in awe of the enormous and diverse talent of the crafters. Etc.

6. Make staying in balance a high priority.

If you stay centered, clear and happy, the others around you will enjoy the season just being near you. You add so much regardless of what you buy or how the food is!

You will have more fun and all will flow easily and well. Totally worth doing!

Do you have some tips for thriving during the holidays? Please share them at jpearl@streamofyes.com.  We embody the Peace on Earth!







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