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Archangel Moments

Aid, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas 8-8-2011 7-42-43 AM

Aid, 16 x 20, $395

Do you take note of all the things that have worked out well for you? and RELISH them. I mean the times where a strong gut sense of “do that”, a clear message, comes through. Read on.

You have read from me previously how I can create a happier life:  I pay attention to how I feel, notice what I am thinking and feeling. When I feel less than good, I reach for thoughts that feel better. Thereby, I am feeling happier more of the time. Noticing Archangel Moments provides evidence of the Well Being all around and coursing through my veins. The reflection on these helps me think about what I DO WANT, keeping my eyes on that prize..

For myself I have been reviewing moments when I have been connected to clear guidance, instances when I have gotten messages, clear and sure, and followed them.  Here’s one: when I was visiting an open art studio, I came to a lobby, scanned the pieces hanging on the second floor, I was grabbed by one. In my mind– I want to see that artist. When I walked into her studio I loved her work. Then in a moment the family friend M of my best friend C entered the space– turns out the family friend is familiar with this artist.

When home I spoke with C– shared with her how I would love to study art with this artist. Then C called M and before I knew it I was going to study with artist I love. Looking back, this was the beginning of my delightful three years of study with that wonderful woman. My art skill took huge leaps forward. This all flowed from following that message in the lobby “Visit that one”.  I call that an Archangel Moment.

Another version:  I observe myself safe from a close call in traffic or a car accident where I walk away unharmed. I received protection.

Another type of moment– surprise and delight– in New York City my brother was exploring with a friend. He came to a street corner and there is our cousin: 6- 7 million people in that metropolis and there she is, smiling at him.Don’t you love that stuff?

Lately I’ve been putting focus on recalling gifts like these, enjoying them again and making a list for times of lower mood when in need of inspiration.  Thinking about these events feels good. I milk that.

It feels great to think that we have such connection to Forces of Good, that things work out for us, that Protection is there and that gifts abound.

My first job out of college was wait staff in a diner for the summer. On the fourth day a man came in to whom I was instantly attracted. I got an intuitive sense to take his order and start a conversation. The I kept talking to him as he came in the for lunch that week. Then he was fired. Because we’d made friends at my initiative, he asked me out– and then…. six weeks later we moved in together and stayed together for 27 years! Really glad I followed the wisdom to start a conversation!

Dear Readers,  you have thoughts of Well Being so easily at hand. So much good is flowing in your life already… I recommend noticing the Archangel Moments from your earliest days up till right now. The wonder of it!  the FUN!  Realizing this phenomenon,  thoughts of Well Being  are right at hand.

What are some of your Archangel Moments? When you’ve gotten clear guidance, followed it and got pay off. Or times when you’d had a close call and were protected. Please share them. Mail to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Our stories lift everyone!


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