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Road to Pink Hills, 2014

Road to Pink Hills, 24 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

Yesterday I  formulated a plan: attend a yoga class in the morning in Charlottesville and first head over to the Charlottesville Holiday Market to do a quick browse of the vendors. I  allotted about twenty minutes and then would proceed to yoga. Driving near the market, it occurs to me that there is time only to park and run in. I see the streets are crowded with parked cars, and there is no free parking lot. Hmmm… I scan, I travel down one more street, and like magic one empty spot awaits. As I easily slide into it, I think to myself, wow that was easy.

Quickly I walk over to the market. It hits me– that is an ease I want to experience on the dating issue. How can I transfer that? I want to assume the best. I want to allow it to be easy. There is no problem to solve, no strategy, no figuring out, no needing to join more dating sites.

Later that day I attended a party and soon found myself talking to an eligible attractive man from the area. I had been assuming I would not talk with men there… This conversation flowed easily.

Readers,  I share the story of EASE to inspire you. Want to play with letting more flow and assuming the best? Want to know everything is fine now the way it is? Want to let the fun roll???

How to do this? Well when you first wake in your bed you can relish the feeling of a fresh start. What do you love to think about?  Do you feel warm and cozy? Do you get an idea that will be fun to accomplish shortly after rising? When it is easy, shift your thoughts to people or things you love, what you appreciate.

Soon after waking I play some uplifting music that goes directly into my pleasure center. Those notes resonate with me, play in my head, for a good chunk of the day. First thing in the morning is a great time to let the good feeling fill up your jar, run down the sides and spill out on the floor. YUM!

As you flow through this holiday week, allow yourself lots of pleasure in various forms.  Do what is easy and what you enjoy.

I encourage readers to read more blog entries on ease if you want to bask in more inspiration. Easy Does It, Letting Myself Have Ease, Doing What Comes Easily to name a few. Pop those titles into the search for the blog. Then, enjoy!

Want to share the ease flowing for you? If you feel inspired to send me a note, please reach me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. Happy Holidays! You inspire me!





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