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Rosco View I, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

Rosco View I, 24 x 30, Acrylic, $525

Want to play this game? If we choose, we can review our past and use it as an excuse to appreciate — so many people and events to reframe– we can perceive more flow of Good to us than we previously recognized.

Recently Lenore reported to her women friends about a healing she manifest. Lenore had been married in her early life– in her early twenties. During the time of that relationship she became very ill with a serious chronic disease. Also in that year she wanted to express herself than she had up to then and she was exploring many radical views for those times. As her life flowed, she broke up with that husband, continued on, had another long marriage with two beautiful children.. much more, a full life. She had ruminated about that first short marriage and reached for wanting to feel better about it.

The last chunk of life, she became much more aware of how her attitude affects her experiences. She became much more familiar with appreciating events, practiced and became better at it.  Now to her group she told the story of recent actions and reactions.

She wrote a letter of appreciation to this first husband.  Fortunately she had an address at which to reach him. Carefully she spent time crafting a letter with the tone she sought– one where she want to acknowledge how much he had offered her, how kind, how generous, how brave– and how she now wants to appreciate so much more of his attributes than she had as they lived through those years.  She was not asking him for anything– other than to listen and perhaps accept her words.

She continued– the man responded to her with a letter within 10 days. In brief and potent message he accepted her acknowledgement and offered that he too saw much to appreciate about her as he thought back to those days.  She received an answer, that it was timely, and that he had heard her. Lenore was thrilled. It felt so good.

You know, a person could have spent her time beating herself for not appreciating more back then. Isn’t it great that she reached out to appreciate him when she could?  In my view we all can take a page from this story.  If we are going to look back, use it as a chance to find yet more blessings in the abundance flowing continuously to you, for us, through us.

I have spent time looking for things in my past that went remarkably well– seeming like things flowing to me miraculously or falling into my lap. Two remarkable people, one man, one woman, whose thinking was leading edge even today, showed up in my life and took me under their wings for more than twenty years till their deaths. I received a scholarship such that I could earn a masters degree without going into debt.  Early in my career in public service I had the opportunity to test out new ways of evaluating government programs with men who reported to the top people at a federal agency.  The work was leading edge, fascinating, involving. I had great experience and I developed both professionally and personally.

Finding an art teacher represented a major landmark for my life as a creator — a mentor with whom I could allow my art skill to blossom. And many more– looking back and seeing success over and over.

What do you think? Do you want to play with this exercise– life review to appreciate more and more?  Be assured I welcome hearing what you appreciate– and how it feels to see so much of what we want in what has already flowed!! Please write to jpearl@streamofyes.com. Enjoy digging for gold with you!

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