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Plank Road Dream, 24 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

Plank Road Dream, 24 x 30, Acrylic on Canvas, $525

Yesterday I woke groggy and in a lower than usual mood.  I prefer to feel happier and clearer and that state was not arising easily. So I did what I could do with where I was, ordered supplies online, did chores, prepared for a day of appointments and errands.

I am learning some keys to get what I want– maybe you have heard these previously from me and from others with whom you study. They bear repeating :), as follows:

  • Identify what I want
  • Live into it, create a visceral feeling with the imagining of it
  • Find with that an elevated mood.

Yesterday I had something in mind that I wanted– an email from a certain person with one piece of info, an email address. That data would make another task easier for me.

I did my picturing and got to the best feeling I could find yesterday. Then I affirmed I would be fine whether or not I got this email. I noticed and enjoyed– I was fine in the present moment. 🙂

For me  it has been important to learn how to tune into Now. Formerly I  might have reviewed what I want over and over– that puts a buzz in the vibration. Instead, I can observe the beauty around me. Yesterday was a cloudy, hot, muggy day. The landscape looked very green, and it was easy to gaze around without a bright sun.

I received some body work, I loved my food. I picked out some treats for myself, some covered blank journals that made me happy.

During the day one man observed that he liked to bring hope to his patients. I responded that hope was so much better than being worried or afraid for their conditions. Even better was when I believe I will get well, to Know it. With my expressing I felt that knowing rise up and with it my own spirits.

Later in the day I felt quite a bit livelier. Home after a long and busy day, I opened my laptop to read my email.  I had gotten the message I wanted.  Wow.

Despite my lower spirits, I reached for feeling better and tuned into the moment through my day. I made the best of things– and certainly many good things flowed.  I like to see the manifestation of that note as showing me I am enough. I tend to think I have to do better… that if I am not at my most lively and engaged it is not enough. Phew!

Can we just accept where we are and make the best of things? I love knowing that. I feel like this sweet ‘lil email and my improved mood was a cheek kiss from an angel.

What good stories of your journey do you want to share? If you’d like I will post them for others to read– just let me know if you want that :). Send to jpearl@streamofyes.com. I pass on the Angel Kiss!



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