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Feeling Good About Self


We all want to feel we are deeply good. It drives us in so many ways. My message: we are completely good right here and now.  Please breathe that in!

Does the following example offer a fresh perspective? 

Trusting Ease, Diptych two 30 x 40s, $1200

Trusting Ease, Diptych two 30 x 40s, $1200

At a seminar a man named Buddy shared a process he created to get what he wanted. Buddy had written a thank you letter to the Universe for two special manifestations: a job where he could express himself more fully and  a loving partner. He wrote the letter as a way to bring forth these gifts.

Morning and night he read the letter to himself, filling himself with the delight of receiving these things. After a bit of time he got success! The audience (including me) was impressed!

Then having shared his glory, almost ready to leave the hot seat in front, he was asked, “Anything else?”

“Yes,” he said, “I want to be told I did good and I am good.”

Here he had shared powerfully, uplifted and wowed us. Buddy offered proof of how his process worked and still he craved validation as GOOD by an outside authority.

Do you want to know you are good? I do!  Instead of feeling I have to achieve some landmarks, I am going to practice knowing my essence is that of Source.

We came here from Pure Positive Energy.  Not only does the Forces of Good course through our Veins, we ARE the Forces of Good. Isn’t that something!

I remind myself that I need make no effort at all to be “Good”. In fact, that is largely of what I am composed, sitting here typing breathing in and out. Who knew?  Think of the implications….

I am definitely sleeping late tomorrow, and I do not need to donate to that charity who calls if I am not moved to do so. I do not need to sell a creation or be given kudos by those in the know.

What would life be like if I had nothing to prove?

I wouldn’t have to ask myself a thousand times a day if I caused that problem.– when things go in a way I do not prefer.  I am experimenting with living in more and more ease…

Tell me how this strikes you. Be great to hear from those who are intrigued by soaking this in.

For me, I soak in offered love– unexpectedly I received three Valentine’s gifts– I attended a poetry group and discovered two wonderful poems I adored-I  am delighted with the two snowdrops popping up in the garden– so many wonderful signs from the Universe. Can you catch a whiff? What is your list?

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