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Red Flyer, 2013

Red Flyer, 2013

On Christmas morning when I wanted to check my email, my computer would not boot up properly. Instead, I found myself staring into a black screen with one small white arrow. I tried to turn it off and on again, tried letting it rest an hour or so, took the battery out and in, plugging unplugging… It did not change the situation.

Gazing into that screen I felt..er.. unsettled. I admit I started to get upset, pinched off from Source. Pulling out a back-up small netbook, I wrote email SOS to a geek friend. Meanwhile, I baked and prepared for a Christmas afternoon gathering. I went out and enjoyed myself.

Earlier in my life I would have thought that the upset I felt would block the flow of good to me. I would have seen myself as “not a good Aber” and that I was “less than” because I got pinched off.  Here is what I am discovering about the Laws of the Universe: I  am Good, including good enough! As much as I write about goodness, it was really heartening to experience this blip, feel my distressed moments and see the positive outcome: the computer was “fixed” without any loss of data or other damage ( a visit to the geek friend– he did the trick though he does not know what went wrong specifically).

Through this incident I felt some upset, nervousness, dread, depression. I did have the thought that maybe this blip will somehow show me how dear is my geek friend. Maybe I will see how all is well despite the black screen. I reached for the positive I could.

I felt those feelings, I remembered that I had momentum going where I did not want to go so I made the best of it. I read a novel. Next morning I woke with some freshness though not as high flying as other days. I called a friend for support, got talking about how well other things were going, felt much better.

Take away(s) for me:

1. I feel all kinds of things on my journey.

2. What I did for relief was enough to come through unscathed.

3. I had been telling a friend who just purchased a new computer how wonderful it was to have this tech savvy friend backing me up. The Universe gave me more of that! Cute to notice.

4. Cool to note my range of feelings as human on this eternal journey. Great to see evidence of my resilience.

I have been receiving many signs to focus on faith, persist in my optimism. Isn’t it great to see that fluctuations are part of this human journey?

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