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In Light

Angelic Warming, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Angelic Warming 2009

What a cool realization! We set goals. We get ready to create action steps and devote ourselves to them, work hard. New perspective: everything we want we go for because we will feel good in the having of it. So feeling good is the goal. Hey I have noticed I have moments of feeling good regularly whether I have reached this specific goal or not.

I am drawing a flat rectangle on the page. This symbolizes a moment of feeling good. As part of the practice, we reach for a thought that feels a little better. I am getting better and better at this, and I have times feeling good each day

In that moment of feeling good: I am there! I am getting what I want. I draw that rectangle. I already have the essence of my goal. When I think this, I feel more relaxed and less pressure. Maybe I had evaluated myself on whether or not I had reached my goal. Whew let that go. Isn’t this adorable! I feel freer. And this means I attract more of what I want.

Draw the rectangle. In that moment of feeling good I know my connection to Source Energy, the Energy that creates worlds. I always am a part of Source and I FEEL it when I feel good.

I am in the LIGHT. I am en-LIGHT-ened. Moments of feeling good. Enjoying the Journey of Living. I love this. Already there at the goal.

I am sending you inspiration for many en-LIGHT-ened moments in 2014 and beyond.

Here’s to Feeling Good.

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