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Grace Heart Moves, Diptych 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Grace Heart Moves, Diptych 30 x 40, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

There is talk of honoring Diversity– usually referring to differences in race, religion, sexual orientation etc.  What do we inside ourselves when we experience this beat of separateness? It can apply to many who we may meet– no matter the type of difference: belief or appearance.

 Can we open our heart to another even when something about them seems not like us?

Perhaps we feel a bit of pulling away.  Can we notice when what we see or hear scares us a bit?

Oh a moment of fear. Breathe.

Oh yes False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR).

Oh yes, Source Energy has my back.

What do I like about that person? Can I enjoy them despite some difference?

I find I can.

This past Saturday I went over to the Farmers Market. Though I love trolling around looking at the stuff, especially popping over for free food samples 🙂 , I headed for one particular vendor. I had gotten notification that Mandy was there.

During the course of doing my business with her we spoke about other parts of our lives. Mandy mentioned how her daughter wanted to learn a new craft. In sharing about the brilliance and enthusiasm of her offspring, she talked about her neighbor’s children. Those people were struggling to “make ends meet.” They accessed the food bank to feed their children.

“Know what?” she shared. “Those folks bring over their extra to me. They are so generous and kind. I am lucky to have them next door.”

Mandy whispered. ” But…I feel a bit uncomfortable– They smoke and they eat foods loaded with sugar.  They are different from me.”

I replied, “Well you know there is a lot of talk of diversity these days– to welcome people of other races and religions. These people are a bit different from you too, eh? Since you already appreciate these sweet people, why not let yourself enjoy them?

You are eating well and spreading the word of good nutrition around.

You already like them–Let yourself go!  It is ok to enjoy them even if they are not following practices you feel are healthy. You are safe to open your heart to them.”

To me this is the rubber hitting the road — this code word “diversity”. We want to love, we feel a bit of fear, we reach past it to focus on what we do share, ways we are alike, what we can love in one another.

We are safe and we can love.

Look around there are so many wonderful people we can enjoy!

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