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Soothing Irritation

Closer to Eden, 16 x 20, $395

Closer to Eden, 16 x 20, $395

Dear Readers,

Have you experimented with focusing on what you DO like even when somewhat irritated? Let’s hear about this transformative practice.

Loretta arrived at a training course after driving for some hours the previous day.

She sat politely in her chair as it began.

Inside she roiled with chatter:  Why did I come here? Was this a good idea?

I already am familiar with this stuff. Maybe this was not the best timing for me.

The teacher is not focusing on what I think is most important…These students don’t seem that with it.

In short, Loretta felt grumpy, and she was complaining in the privacy of her head.

Then in the first hour the leader involved everyone in an exercise: “Please allow your arms to cross and gently hold the inside of your knees. We will breathe in quiet awareness for a few minutes while making this contact.”

Loretta participated. After a bit she felt a wave of uplifting energy flow through her. Wow this was such a simple tool: she liked it!

With the shift she remembered how she wanted to put attention on which aspects were going well. “Oh yea,” she thought. “I want to make my own good time.”

As the opening day of class released, she had identified several events that pleased her:

  1. She loves the tool holding inside of the knees with aware breathing. Loves the lift of energy.
  1. So many of us push hard to achieve our goals. Wouldn’t it be cool to move toward the dream while remaining in balance and feeling good? Listening to the lecture our heroine gave birth to a new vision of pursuing a direction in ease– very cool.
  1. At the lunch break someone offered her a tip for a place to display her craft. That was fun.
  1. At the adjournment she felt “fried.” Then by “coincidence” Loretta connected with a class member. They walked, and got to know one another, sharing common threads about their work and growth.

Amazing how a satisfying exchange brought her awake and alive.

Our heroine shifted her focus to the good stuff on that first day, pledging to herself to keep looking for the good throughout the five day program.

She expressed, she listened, she enjoyed. When her thoughts started to stray to complaint, she gently reviewed what she appreciated.

As the seminar closed, she reviewed what a good time she had had. She felt revitalized. 🙂

That practice made all the difference. She had more and more fun, insights and benefits.

That bit of effort to focus her mind had a big pay off!

Have some similar experiences? Care to share one or more! Please comment! We will all gain value from hearing your successes and wisdom!



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