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Beginning of Self Love and A Free Gift for You

Usually I soak the millet over night before I cook it. This process renders it more easily digestible. This particular morning I woke to discover I had forgotten that step: the millet was not soaked. I proceeded to make the grain without the special step. What happened in my self-talk? Formerly, I would have called myself names like “stupid’ and “you idiot”. I might call to mind other times I had spaced out and forgotten tasks. The emotion of unworthiness would stir.

This is my new approach, one I recommend 🙂 .  I said, “ Well Janet, in the scheme of minor blips this is minor indeed. You were very tired last night. You did wash a big pile of dishes before bed—so resourceful and competent. It is ok to feel tired and forget something. It is human. I forgive you. Life is so good! You remain a totally marvelous being!”

Then I start to think about topics that make me happy. I feel good today. I have an eagerness to begin the tasks for me. I love expressing the talents I have and I am doing that even as I write this. I have wanted to write more and here I am flowing with expression.

I encourage readers to become aware of how they address themselves in the privacy of their own head. If you find that at some point you are calling yourself something unflattering, then I recommend you experiment with kinder words to yourself. You can call it telling a different story. What would you say to a beloved child of yours when, for example, a mistake was made? What comfort and acceptance can you offer yourself?

This may sound like a small example, but what a huge difference it makes when practiced more and more. In my classes I help people learn to tell stories that are gentler and soothing. I also do this in phone consultations. From April 21 to April 30 I am offering a half hour phone consultation for free to interested blog readers– a $45 value. You would call to discuss a difficult situation, get help practicing to address yourself more kindly or to learn more actively about Stream of Yes teachings, including Abraham.

To set up your appointment, please email me, Janet, at jpearl@streamofyes.com and include the code word “blog gift” in the message. I am betting you will feel better after the phone call! I know you will enjoy telling a kinder story to yourself!  Email soon to set up the session!

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