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Being Kind to Self and a Piece of Heaven

We human beings are composed of flesh and bones, true. We as a civilization are becoming increasingly aware that in fact  more of our being is constituted by non-physical energy, than by that which we touch with physical hands. Among other spiritual leaders Wayne Dyer tells us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Wayne also uses the metaphor of an apple pie. Source Energy is the apple pie. If we take a piece of pie, it is composed of the same stuff as the whole pie. Therefore, he tells us, we humans have the features and constitutional elements of the Divine, of Source Energy.

Finding Center, 20 x 24, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Finding Center 2009

Wow if we are made of that Heavenly stuff, then when we care for ourselves we are caring for piece of Heaven. Who knew? Isn’t it fun to think of serving Source when we let ourselves take that nap! Or provide particularly healthy food for our meals. Yum! I do it for me; I do it for Source! I love this thought!

More and more of us on earth are realizing that the divine operates through human life, that our true nature is energetic and fundamentally Good. Being kind to ourselves helps us increase our awareness of our Connection to Source. It is like when we used to revive a battery by taking an eraser and rubbing on the ends of the connecting surfaces of that unit– help the electric juice to flow more effectively. This is what we are doing when we care well for ourselves, including speaking with kindness to ourselves in our minds.

In the coming months I will write more about how we can care excellently for ourselves and how we can make changes to increase our satisfaction with living in so many ways– while having more fun! This will include, meditations, use of Jin Shin Jyutsu, dietary suggestions, thoughts on water, other health promoting activities, sweetening our self talk and more. If you want to jump start your satisfaction, I offer a free half hour consultation by phone or email from May 6 though May 19. Please email to schedule your appointment at jpearl@streamofyes.com, put code “heaven” in subject line.


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