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Antidote to Murphy’s Law

Chipper Pink Day, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $495

Chipper Pink Day, 24 x 30, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas, $495

You know how when you start to have a bad day many things can seem to go wrong? Some folks dub that ” Murphy’ Law”. Don’t you hate when that happens? Well you can soothe those effects: here is an antidote. Headline: Reverse Murphy’s Law!

“How can I debunk that law,” you ask? You have a secret shield so this law need never effect you! Cool, very cool!

Say, “Mostly Good Stuff happens to me!”

Right now conjure up some great people you have in your life. Can you list some of the qualities you relish about them? loyal? funny? smart? wins at poker ( hee-hee), helps you out when you call.

Recall some moments that felt great.

  • Oh yes, connecting t hat bat with the ball, watching it fly, feeling that solid contact.
  • Picking out a gift for someone and offering it. The recipient just loved it.
  • quiet morning out in nature, buzzing, chirping, breeze, green. ahhh.

Pushing that pause button, start focusing on one of the zillion items in your flow of Good, like:

  • warm sunlight
  • smell of sunset
  • being greeted by your dog
  • the shine after polishing
  • when the device just assembled works

Receive a thank you; Appreciate anything!

With thoughts like that the entropy of what is called Murphy’s Law is broken.

Would you rather get the sympathy as the “victim” of Murphy’s Law? You can still do that. If you want that, you can have that.¬† But here is the point: You have power! You can snip the power line to the house of Murphy’s Law, You Clever Sleuth!

What fun you can have!

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