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Red Ease, 9 x 12, SOLD

Red Ease, 9 x 12, SOLD

Well Being Heals Us. Wow so much healing force is on task before I go to any medical visits,  medications, remedies or treatments. An ever present and awesome power is there for me.

Don’t you love that cuts, bruises and burns heal? Usually we don’t do much for them, maybe a bit of salve. I trust the Power of Well Being to Heal.  It happens so quickly.  Bask in that evidence!

About two years ago for many months my right hand appeared red and somewhat swollen. This was beyond a need for hand cream! At first I often compared it to the left hand, including asking friends if they perceived an improvement. I felt worried and concerned.

Then it occurred to me; I don’t have to do anything. Well Being Heals!  I make the choice to release the concern, focusing on feeling good and relaxing. After several months one day I realized my hand was normal again. The symptoms were gone.

One report on goodnewsnetwork.org wowed me with the same point.

Man’s Cancer is Healed After Doing Random Acts of Kindness for a Year

This fellow put his faith in Well Being to heal. Already in a wheelchair and sent home to die, he decided to focus himself on doing good. Read his story above for more details. A year later he went back to the doctor, got tested and was found to be cancer free. The doctor stated that the MRI results “were unexplainable by western science”  He aligned with Source Energy and allowed his healing while he was so happy in his work!

I love knowing that Well Being heals regardless of my effort.  Isn’t this a relief to contemplate? I need not struggle or worry. No matter what remedies, treatments I use, I have huge support.

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