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Yellow Bog, 9 x 12, Acrylic, $120

Yellow Bog, 9 x 12, Acrylic, $120

The Boss

One of the students who has come to my classes, Evelyn, works for a boss who often behaves in a grumpy way toward her. Excellent at her work, Evelyn has been discovered in her company by those at high levels than her supervisor and is beginning to get assignments directly from executives in upper ranks. The boss is not happy about that, sometimes making complaining comments to her.

Evelyn is accomplishing what she has been assigned by the bigger bosses. Succeeding, she is receiving both kudos and increased reimbursement. What should she “do” about her boss?

She is keeping her eye on what is coming to her, placing her focus on appreciating how good it feels to be accomplishing what she is tasked to do and on receiving a bigger pay check. She can understand how it might feel awkward to be the supervisor where those above come in and tap those working two levels down. Those complaints are nothing personal– it is not hard to see how that would feel threatening.

She is reminding herself that Things Go Well for Her. That she enjoys her life. She keeps her eye on the big picture and supports herself as best she can in her thoughts. She makes it ok to be thriving and have it not please a person surrounding her.

Her deliberate focus is producing results for her. To support herself she keeps coming to events with like minded people, listens to recordings that inspire and boost her spirits.

And Things are Going Well for Her.

The Boots

Bless me apparently my feet are expanding a bit at this stage of life. The boots I have used for the last five years or so are no longer comfortable. They feel too short.  I had thought I would make do with them until recently when I came home from a hike with a big toe ache that lasted a day or so. Yuck! Awoke to the fact that I now need a bigger size.

In my mind I started to get upset about this. And I noticed– wait– I have the money– I can order online.  As I paused I saw that my habit of thought involves blaming myself for needing new boots– I did something “bad”… I should have ______________.  Wait! SHIFT . I want to make it ok to need a bigger size. It happened. Wow what if I skipped this self blame . What if I simply accepted that my feet expanded, and I need new boots.

I ordered them, they came, they fit. they are comfortable.

This seems so simple on the surface– but I felt like I was entering a new life. When I skip the self deprecating thinking and then concomitant emotional upset – it is like finding space in a formerly cramped closet. Life is so much more enjoyable! and EASY. I can say WOW. That is a life I want. I love that I let life be easier.

Do you have a story about how you are letting life be easier? How you are using the power of your focus to support yourself? Two different stories above, want to share one of yours?Send them to me using jpearl@streamofyes.com.  Bit by bit creating more fun!





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