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Flowering with Bud, 15 x 18, Watercolor on wet paper,  $100

Flowering with Bud, 15 x 18, Watercolor on wet paper, $100

In my travels I had a conversation with my friend Elaine that you may find enlightening. Elaine teaches in an elementary school and for the school year now beginning she will be sharing a room with another teacher. It is clear Elaine feels nervous about this arrangement– sensing that the other teacher may not be fond of her and picturing a difficult situation. What could she do?

Here are the highlights of what I recommended:

  • For yourself each day recount something about this comrade teacher that you appreciate. What do you like and admire about her?
  • Feel free to use that same good thoughts each day if needed. In all likelihood new ones will occur to you as you get on a roll.
  • With this strategy you cannot lose. No matter what she does or does not do you are appreciating. You are lifting yourself, your spirits.
  • You are developing habits that can only serve you.

Immediately it seemed she knew in her gut that this was valuable information for her. She was open to the suggestion and right away she decided that the practice would work better for her if she wrote down her daily appreciations ( as opposed to just listing them in her mind).

Often when I create these blog entries I have results to report. For this account the story will be playing out over the school year unfolding now– Elaine started school on Tuesday this week.

Dear Readers, if you have been reviewing my articles for awhile, you’ve seen how strongly and frequently I advocate for appreciation. I write with confidence about its value based on experiencing many changes, some seemingly miraculous, over and over again.

Just today I penned a roster in a special notebook ( I call it  my personal toolkit) highlights of my vacation where I felt very good: the moments with cherished people, the activities that filled me with delight:

  • The Van Gogh exhibit at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA. Deeply moving for me
  • A canoe ride on the Deerfield River with my beloved brother.
  • Swimming at Walden Pond
  • Tour of Tower Hill Botanical Garden with special feature of caterpillar event. The caterpillars were huge and special cages housed living examples of the moths that these critters become. Fabulous!
  • Special meals made for me
  • Entering heart space with friends with whom it feels like we say each other yesterday. A Timeless and sweet loving atmosphere.

As I type this list, I feel lifted and loved. I feel its power. I feel it when I reread the list. I love feeling good and I love appreciating. I have experienced attracting things I want again and again. I KNOW Elaine will improve her teaching situation by appreciating.her roommate. She will feel better.  Appreciation will work wonders in your life too.

Want to send me some of your appreciations? Please write me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. Even thinking of them coming brings me a smile.  I recommend appreciation. Reason: because it feels good!



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