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Team Member

Aid, 16 x 20, Acrylic with Texture on Canvas

Aid, 2011

Have you been told to go for being all you can be? Have you been told to be “Who you really are?” I have. Doesn’t it sound great? How does one do that.. from where I am… going along..in my case using the Abraham teachings, doing the best I can each day, moment to moment?

 Recently I had an insight that provided me with a new angle– maybe this will help you. I was attending a session with a woman channeling a powerful positive being. Through her this entity said you are more powerful than you let yourself be. It is like you are held back– like the way water pressure builds up when a faucet does not let the water flow.

 Inside me I felt uncomfortable, a familiar discomfort. I felt about to be scolded for not being enough– for letting the water pressure build. I “should” know how to “be all I can be”, but I was doing my best already. It feels awful to feel I fall short in this way. (:

 As I listened to her I watched my own internal space, my reactions. I wanted to speak out and say to the woman channeling, “Do you mean to scold us?” Instead I sat and kept both listening and staying tuned into myself. I waited. I listened.

 By the end of the talk I had realized a new twist on this familiar ground. Throughout the talk she talked about how angels, guides and Source Energy surround us and are ready to assist. She talked about how we were surrounded by potential helpers. It was startling: I realized that being all I can be involves opening myself to the help that surrounds me. For Heaven’s sake, I just have to let myself be a team member! Let in all those invisible troops.

When I feel really good, I am tuned to Source Energy. When I feel really good, I am being all I can be in that moment. And then Source works through me. Oh.

To my delight, that sounded like something relatively easy for me to do and also that it would be fun! Wow that was a new twist. Not another duty, not another effort that was way beyond my capacity.

All I have to do is let myself be a team member with Source! I get to delegate the heavy lifting and it feels great!

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