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Surrender and Pay Off

Ocean at Ease, 12 x 16, Acrylic with Texture, $235

Ocean at Ease, 12 x 16, Acrylic with Texture, SOLD

Yesterday a friend of mine Louise got a phone call that excited her. She and her partner ran a business and for over two years they worked hard, holding a dream of building and selling it for a big chunk of money. During that time the revenue generated was almost entirely plowed back into the company– neither of them could rely on this business for the cost of their living.

Throughout Louise conjured an image of financial success. About six months ago they developed the endeavor to a point where it needed an infusion of capital form an investor. They built it up excellently and were exhausted. The few well trained staff on whom they relied quit for other employment. Personal relationships were straining for one of the owners– altogether a crossroads for the business.

Louise had a dream– she had really wanted a solution. Having given this effort her all, she took her tme to decide that the business had to close. For a few months many meetings were held to assist with next steps that might keep the business viable. At that time no investor emerged; then they shut down.

During the months since then Louise did much inner work. She had some new experiences, from this learned much about herself. As she looked within, she became more fluid in recognizing the kind of thinking that means “I am afraid.” She honed greater skills at making those feelings ok. Strengthened, she can more easily offer herself a soothing inner presence in moments when it gripped her.

The other day she had been chatting about how she’d like to find an investor for the business. As a result of her practice, these days she felt light and easy about it all.

That same day just hours later she was reached on the phone by a caller who had tracked down she and her partner– he was very interested in purchasing a business whose profile was very much like theirs. Bingo!

She had wanted and dreamed; for a while she worked and strained. She let go. She closed the company and focused on other matters — ones that pleased her. She created a  happy life without the business or its sale.

With a man actively investigating purchasing the company, this week she has the excitement and delight of thinking and meeting about the next steps of a dream. Expanded she can participate enjoying the ride of life, knowing all is well no matter what the outcome.

Do you have stories of shifting inside that produces some results that please you?  For me these accounts feel great to share– and I love reading them! Please send me a tale or two at jpearl@streamofyes.com. In this way we beam Light for one another!




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