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Stoke the Fire of Satisfaction: Advice from Abraham

Rosco Blue I, 16 x 20

Rosco Blue I, 16 x 20

On Facebook in the last few days Abraham posted four things to do daily to help each of us sustain a higher vibration. Why not play around to see if applying these recommendations offers value to you?

1.Meditate for 15 minutes a day to quiet your mind.

Goal here is to bring yourself to “neutral”. Allow yourself some rest from negative thinking. I do a combination of appreciation and quieting my mind. I visualize some image that reminds me of my best self, my protection, the love pouring through me.

  1. Bask in nature. Walk outside and appreciate.

Abe mentions speaking out loud your praise. Do you have nature nearby? If not, you can always appreciate provisions of nature, air to breathe, a plant growing,  other humans to appreciate

  1. Write 3-5 pages of Positive Aspects.

Appreciate, appreciate. Let your mind roll, It’s completely ok to repeat. Allow yourself to focus on all manner of what you love– people, places, stuff, animals, environments, connections on the internet etc.

I have been appreciating and this inspires me to increase my writing daily. I am thinking both morning and night.

  1. Look up at the sky– or gaze out the window. Acknowledge the Universal Forces focused on you.

Today I raise my consciousness that I am appreciated, supported, uplifted, guided, loved, shown the way, assisted, supported, partnered in fun, loved and……

Personally, I love remembering this! I plan to put more intention on these four steps each day. Want to join me? I feel inspired to use my awareness to create more ease and fun.

Who’s in?

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