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Soothing Myself Today

Flowering with Bud, 15 x 18, Watercolor on wet paperIf you have looked at my website or read other posts, you know how fervently I believe that feeling good is a key in life. I want to line myself up with Well Being and I know that I am doing that when I feel good.

Recently, I have had some small disappointments. I woke today not feeling as chipper as I often do. What does one do when I feel off? It involves a balance of letting it be ok not to feel good- because pushing against it magnifies it– and reaching for thoughts that feel better. Would you like to know how I handled it today?

Here are some things I read or created:

  • Things going well for me. ( That was fun).
  • People who respect me.
  • Those I have inspired. In the case of one person, an ex-partner, I had often pictured being “not enough” with him. This time I realized how much I had inspired him. Also I saw how much good he did for me even in parting.

I spoke to a friend, not the closest friend, one though who got me focusing on what was going well for me. I talked about how many art shows I had had recently and how those made me happy.

Want to know what did the trick after that? I went out in the sunshine and picked up leaves in my garden. I saw the sprouts of plants coming up. I love that! I have  many daffodils showing green leaves and the first of them now has a blossom opening in the sun. How cool! Doing a half hour of simple gardening lifted my mood in a big way.

Later, my regular yoga class felt so wonderful. Gosh getting the energy flowing in my spine raised my spirits even further!

Have you been reading at www.goodnewsnetwork.org ? I love reading that site. I get so filled up– my favorites are stories of rescue and also stories of developments in science that have broad benefit. Did you see that a process has recently been developed to turn supermarket plastic bags back into diesel fuel? No need to have them as a menace in landfills anymore! Am buoyed by stories like that.

What do you think to lift your spirits? I would love to hear some of them. Please write at jpearl@streamofyes.com.

Thanks for reading, dear Subscribers! You add value to my life!

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