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Scientific Validation of Feeling Good- Another Read

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Happy Holidays! Please take a look at this piece: fresh read or review. Our beings love the chemical soup of feeling good! Yowser!

In 2014 I read the book The Bond by Lynne McTaggart. In the chapter called “Seeing the Whole”,  Lynne reports on the work of Jaak Panksepp, a psychobiologist at Bowling Green State University, which explains why we feel good when we focus on what we want. Panksepp discovered that when animals or humans are in “seek” mode, curious, after what they want, the “feel good” neurotransmitter dopamine is produced.[1] She writes, ” .. the most emotionally arresting part of the of seeking has nothing to do with the goal itself, but the journey along the way. The seeking circuits are fully engaged in animals and human beings whenever we anticipate things, or get intensely engaged in an activity or become insatiably curious about something new.”[2]

I love reading how the latest science validates the methods I am using to grow. I ask myself what I want and why I want it to get back on the track of enjoying myself. One could phrase it that great wisdom has been imbedded in spiritual teachings throughout time, and science is now proving it to our left brains!

More for your Personal Feel Good Toolkit:

1.  Notice what you want. Ask yourself why you want it. Savor the desire.

2. If you start to feel a little bit annoyed or upset, seek something, be curious and follow a lead— this may work to refocus and calm you. Lynne McTaggart says, “We are hard-wired to feel good when we are sniffing out something new…” [3]

3. When very upset, take a time out, go do one of the things you love to do, nap, get balanced and then focus again on what you want.

4. Focus intensely on a task to feel better. Many of us know this one from living life. You can employ this even more consciously.

Do you have a reaction to this piece? Some feel happier about reaching for feeling good when she knows how literally revitalizing it is! Brings in more life force on the physical level! Hee Haw ! Please share your enthusiasm or other comments. Write to me at jpearl@streamofyes.com. I love living this life with you.


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