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Moving Beyond Hope

A Spot on the Deerfield, 16 x 20, Acrylic

A Spot on the Deerfield, 16 x 20, Acrylic

Melinda talked animatedly with a man throughout the party. This was the third time in a year she’d run into the fellow at social gatherings. Again in an usually smooth way they click in conversation and talk non -stop, laughing and playing, understanding one another’s jokes and comments.

She followed up sending a contact he wanted. She signed off, “Had fun talking with you”.In reply, he made a cute comment about the contact and then closed with “I enjoyed our talk. Hope we can do it again soon.”

Melinda would be interested in dating this man. The connection between them was..well.. fun. Here is how she read his send off: “If we were to run into each other, I’d enjoy speaking to you again.” So as women might do, she sat and looked at the email response. She noticed that his upbeat words lacked more direction.

This blog is about using the power of focus to shape what happens in our lives. Melinda often rides higher than “hope”– she wants to feel aligned and then to receive impulses of inspired action.

Review: humans build neural networks of new cells that are a product of the feel good thoughts ( which produce chemical soup in our bodies : see last post). The more the thoughts, the stronger the pathways throughout my being to bring good feeling bigger, better and more frequently.

How to do it? Self Talk like: I connect to the Goodness pouring down around me. It is always there, like standing under a waterfall I put my hand out to catch some of the fresh cool water. I open to the Good; I know it more and more.

I call up what feels good. This morning I opened a package and received a heart shape rock from a river on which I love to canoe. I put it in a place with some other objects which mean love to me. I can call on that special “up” feeling over and over.

I recall the people with whom I have a connection of affection and respect. People where there is an exchange of focusing on what we love– giving and receiving. Best feelings! Inner activities that transform our experience.

Certainly true, the optimism of hope feels far better than pessimism. Much more valuable to hope than to hang out with despair, frustration or feeing overwhelmed.

And we all know that we can feel even better! Usually when we use the word “hope”, we don’t mean taking an active stance in how we use our mind. Would you rather say I hope I can cheer myself up or I intend to reach for a better yes!

Hope and Faith are sometimes associated. Faith is remembering that Good pours down all around me, always there regardless of what is appearing in my life. Faith is recalling that Only Good is Real. Faith is knowing Protection  by Forces of Good surround. If I knew only Good was real, I would open to it and feel its power.

Hope is like sitting on the sides waiting to be asked to dance. Why not get up and boogey!

Melinda wants to hear: “I enjoyed talking too. I want to have a cup of tea with you after New Year’s. I’ll email to set it up!”

Meanwhile, Melinda practices feeling good right now– she does not want to wait for any other person to call her, like her, etc.  How to do this? Maybe some… drumroll… appreciation!! Especially of herself. She can imagine the feeling of love coming from those who love her now. She can feel into how her dog looks at her! She can browse on goodnewsnetwork.org. Recently she reported in: her practice is working for her!

Dear Readers,  I love to hear your comments. The way of doing inner work here is quite revolutionary and brings big changes. Share at jpearl@streamofyes.com. Isn’t it a blast to grow more powerful! Happy New Year!

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